Further conquest.
Lighter Chains V6 01Lighter Chains V6 02Lighter Chains V6 03Lighter Chains V6 04
Lighter Chains V6 05
Lighter Chains V6 06
Lighter Chains V6 07

Miscellaneous Comic Pages
Random and incomplete ideas, one-off pages.
Giada RequestJuliet von Baronhold Requestpage futa 02Orc Prince 06
familiar service 01familiar service 02familiar service 03

Letters to Mistress
Breaking the 4th wall to answer your questions.
Letters to Mistress 02Letters to Mistress 03Letters to Mistress 04Letters to Mistress 05

Lighter Chains Vol.5
Having a little fun.
Lighter Chains V5 01Lighter Chains V5 02Lighter Chains V5 03Lighter Chains V5 04
Lighter Chains V5 05Lighter Chains V5 06Lighter Chains V5 07

Entry Level Positions
Hapless job applicant ends up a sexy secretary! Produced on commission.
Office 01Office 02Office 03Office 04
Office 05Office 06Office 07

A New Fit
A sickly man finds himself inhabiting a female body.
Produced on commission.
Fitness Body Swap Comic 01Fitness Body Swap Comic 02Fitness Body Swap Comic 03Fitness Body Swap Comic 04
Fitness Body Swap Comic 05Fitness Body Swap Comic 06Fitness Body Swap Comic 07

Space cadet finds himself assigned to a new body.
Wetware Test 01

Lighter Chains Vol.4
Settling in.
Lighter Chains V4 01Lighter Chains V4 02Lighter Chains V4 03Lighter Chains V4 04
Lighter Chains V4 05Lighter Chains V4 06Lighter Chains V4 07

Dark Altar
A reluctant offering meets her fate.
Dark Altar 01Dark Altar 02Dark Altar 03Dark Altar 04
Dark Altar 05Dark Altar 06Dark Altar 07

Lighter Chains Vol.3
Temptations and taming.
Lighter Chains V3 01Lighter Chains V3 02Lighter Chains V3 03Lighter Chains V3 04
Lighter Chains V3 05Lighter Chains V3 06Lighter Chains V3 07

Lighter Chains Vol.2
The new slave girl adjusts.
Lighter Chains V2 01Lighter Chains V2 02Lighter Chains V2 03Lighter Chains V2 04
Lighter Chains V2 05Lighter Chains V2 06Lighter Chains V2 07

Lighter Chains
Captured man is turned into female slave.
Lighter Chains 01Lighter Chains 02Lighter Chains 03Lighter Chains 04
Lighter Chains 05Lighter Chains 06Lighter Chains 07

Requests from 4chan fulfilled.
Nonsensual 02 agnes bravely defaultNonsensual 03 tomoko ant violationNonsensual 04 duelNonsensual 05 mermaid tail
Nonsensual 06 futa socksNonsensual 07 carboniteNonsensual 08 little manNonsensual 09 octopeach

Her Favorite Client
High class escort serves a customer.
Produced on commission.
Her Favorite Client 01Her Favorite Client 02Her Favorite Client 03Her Favorite Client 04
Her Favorite Client 05Her Favorite Client 06Her Favorite Client 07

4 Any Sailor
A sailor is transformed into the perfect sex doll.
Produced on commission.
For Any Sailor 01For Any Sailor 02For Any Sailor 03For Any Sailor 04
For Any Sailor 05

Day's End
A woman pleases her lover.
Comic Days End 01Comic Days End 02Comic Days End 03Comic Days End 04
Comic Days End 05Comic Days End 06Comic Days End 07

Bashful faux hawk girl starts a family.
Produced on commission.
Conceive Page 01Conceive Page 02Conceive Page 03Conceive Page 04

Force Play
Things get little rough, but it’s all in good fun.
Forceplay Comic 01Forceplay Comic 02Forceplay Comic 03Forceplay Comic 04
Forceplay Comic 05Forceplay Comic 06Forceplay Comic 07Forceplay Comic 08

A magical collar ensures a slave's compliance.
Collar Comic 02Collar Comic 03Collar Comic 04Collar Comic 05
Collar Comic 06Collar Comic 07Collar Comic 08

Crank Call
Boy genius uses a device to swap bodies with his sexy teacher.
Teacher Body Swap Page 02Teacher Body Swap Page 03Teacher Body Swap Page 04Teacher Body Swap Page 05
Teacher Body Swap Page 06Teacher Body Swap Page 07Teacher Body Swap Page 08

Male Fraud
Misplaced delivery sees a man transplanted into a female body.
Body Swap Comic W2bBody Swap Comic W2cBody Swap Comic W2dBody Swap Comic W3
Body Swap Comic W4Body Swap Comic W5Body Swap Comic W6

The Summoner's Sex
Ritual rapidly results in role reversal.
Summoners Sex 01
Summoners Sex 02
Summoners Sex 03
Summoners Sex 04

Summoners Sex 05
Summoners Sex 06
Summoners Sex 07