Out of place elf royalty serves her captors.
Random ideas and story fragments.
Transformed prince is taken with/by her bodyguard.
Collecting some new story fragments here.
Instant loss for a smug sparring partner.
The wisher is trapped in the Genie realm!
What misfortune awaits?
A collection of straight-to-the-action one page stories. Featuring a variety of characters.
A band of mercenaries takes out a guard!
VR enthusiast crossplays in full dive and gets struggle-snuggled by a futa.
Our transplanted hero(ine) takes on new duties as the station's morale officer.
Sketches, thoughts, behind-the-scenes content.
Wishes always work out in the end don't they?
Breaking the 4th wall to answer your questions.
Transformed for immediate usage.
Further conquest.
Sketches, thoughts, behind-the-scenes content.
Hapless job applicant ends up a sexy secretary!
Produced on commission.
Having a little fun.
Space cadet finds himself assigned to a new body.
Story fragments to establish the character.
Tiefling girl has sex.
A reluctant offering meets her fate.
Settling in.
Temptations and taming.
The new slave girl adjusts.
Captured man is turned into female slave.
Ideas and sketches for a lady Link story.
High class escort serves a customer.
Produced on commission.
A sailor is transformed into the perfect sex doll.
Produced on commission.
A woman pleases her lover.
Bashful faux hawk girl starts a family.
Produced on commission.
Things get little rough, but it s all in good fun.
A sickly man finds himself inhabiting a female body. Produced on commission.
Boy genius uses a device to swap bodies with his sexy teacher. Produced on commission.
A magical collar ensures a slave's compliance.
Misplaced delivery sees a man transplanted into a female body.
Requests from 4chan fulfilled.
Ritual rapidly results in role reversal.