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Sparring with Violet VideoMP4 Version
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BMO 2022-05-27 05:51:285 ♡
Simply amazing. Beautiful art, hot voice acting, great chemistry... I thought I was watching something I wasn't supposed to. Watch once for the plot.
blackpaw 2022-09-22 05:22:554 ♡
Love the voice acting!
Sofia Silksoles 2024-01-19 23:46:351 ♡
It's almost like she was once a very strong, powerful male fighter, the best in the world maybe. But she was punished at some point and turned the soft petite toy she is here. Stripped of her manhood, she maintained some of her old arrogance to a former sparring partner she had won against many times. And this was the end of that arrogance. Put in her place, she goes to clean the mats like a good girl, realizing her new place in life.