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gnome_man 2018-03-20 20:33:561 ♡
I love the motion effects. She is so cute!
Kapuchu 2018-03-22 14:58:580 ♡
Yay! Hair is finally starting to get longer! It was one of the things I've been waiting on for a while.
2018-03-22 22:38:520 ♡
She's gotten sassy. I like it. :D
2018-03-23 13:27:270 ♡
AW SHIT NIGGA! Hope she has a plan for this... (or not)
2018-03-25 22:18:130 ♡
So how much time's passed between the end of vol. 4 and now?
2018-03-26 02:59:240 ♡
Enough for her to lose the wrist cuffs
BB-Kiwi 2021-03-26 11:14:010 ♡
I've put on your DA page a chart showing what the rank insignia on the uniforms represent. It's only a guess based on the premise of Torrin being a very senior officer, but do take a look when you get a chance....
Admin 2021-04-04 23:32:030 ♡
Nice, I will add it to the fan art section.