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Dain 2019-08-07 18:03:540 ♡
Are they covering their collars?
Dain 2019-08-07 18:05:060 ♡
Or is it just me who shouldn't be reading in the dark
@Dain 2019-08-07 23:06:280 ♡
Blue lights bad, m-kay. Anyway, their collars are white and still have the clasps in the front
Trans Catgirl 2019-08-08 02:17:270 ♡
Is Torrin her Master now?
Too observant 2019-08-08 15:34:520 ♡
I think that's a typo on the last panel, unless it's supposed to be a speech impediment: "You are positively glowing to today".
Jp 2019-08-08 16:50:250 ♡
I'm calling it. She's pregnant.
@Jp 2019-08-11 09:37:240 ♡
The collar is enchanted and prevents that. I think.
2019-08-11 23:47:390 ♡
Could she be... gregnant??
2019-08-12 02:12:460 ♡
lmao gregnant
Lore hunter 2020-04-16 03:01:460 ♡
Is this the day after they sleep together? Alison seems familiar with the maids.
Admin 2020-04-16 10:18:310 ♡
Yes, this would be the day after. Some time passes between volumes 4 and 5 (shown by hair growth). In Vol.4 after Alison reaches the requisite level of training, Mistress begins to take her out as her "personal assistant". It's fun to show her off but she is also kind of annoying and needy (Vol.4, Page 25), so Alison is assigned various odd jobs to keep her busy. She's not particularly skilled or reliable but she can handle putting books away in the library (Vol.5, Page 11-12) or these maid duties.
BMO 2020-07-25 04:50:220 ♡
Alison should work on her mat placing skills.
BB-Kiwi 2021-03-21 21:56:270 ♡
It seems that the Colonel's concubine is quite taken by his attentions...
Jessica 2022-06-06 16:34:470 ♡
Ok when are we getting more of this its my fave comic