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Sigh... 2020-04-27 12:58:400 ♡

The partner will be a man
And this guy will be turned into a girl
And pounded senseless with a huge cock
And falling in love with it, and with the pounder
Because the only possible outcome of TG is coming a weak and submissive cock-slut.
Admin 2020-04-27 13:54:130 ♡
Describe your ideal TG scenario
well... 2020-04-27 21:28:250 ♡
in reply to Sigh, women do have about 3x the amount of pleasure causing nerves in that area compounded with the 'male libido' the world's been exposed to, it only makes sense that most the TG's showcased are horny men turning into sex crazed women
me 2020-04-28 02:37:360 ♡
Except the transformed man would still have a man's mind so unless they are gay they should want to be fucked by men so readily.
Chew 2020-04-28 14:31:550 ♡
Yeah... Maybe more like a mental breakdown or mental transitions
Sigh... 2020-04-29 00:50:390 ♡
> Describe your ideal TG scenario

Alright, I'll bite.

1. As "me" wrote above, a change in physical gender does not necessarily imply a change in sexual orientation. A guy who is attracted to should not immediately be into guys just because his plumbing changed.

2. A woman's role is not pleasing guys or being subservient to them. The same goes for the M2F transformees.

3. A mentally strong person should remain so after the change. They may still relinquish control if they want to, but they should retain agency.

That said, an ideal TG scenario is one that the one to be transformed will consider to be pleasurable and enjoyable. If he is heterosexual, it stands to reason that he'd prefer his introduction to the joys of a female body to be done by another woman (after all, who would know best how to make a woman feel good?), preferably one he trusts (like a wife or a girlfriend). And if he was cis-male, he should have an option to transform back if he wants to.
Satin-Fan 2020-04-29 08:14:140 ♡
I've always liked the DCBK scenario. Watsup did a really good rendition of it. Adventurer slays dragon, finds cursed loot (or is cursed by dying dragon), slowly makes them tgtf into something that will *replace* the dragons they slew :)
2020-04-29 22:19:470 ♡
Charlotte 2020-05-05 15:09:090 ♡
Surely there's, like, a happy medium? I mean isn't there a case to be made for a guy who knows and loves heterosexual sex and who hasn't ever fantasized about being a woman... still preferring heterosexual sex once he finds himself a she? Just, you know, not in some over-the-top way? I totally buy the argument that some TG'd men would be repulsed by men and never think otherwise but surely some who were into girls and, in particular, really got off on getting *them* off, would at least have a passing interest in experiencing things from the opposite perspective.
Caline 2020-08-03 19:43:390 ♡
"The Skin Game" features a pretty creative TG scenario, and spends a fair amount of time in its protagonist's head(s) examining a believable submissive perspective. Unfinished, alas, but what's there is still an amazing tale, on par with "Lighter Chains" (and that's saying something).