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blackpaw 2023-01-19 18:03:587 ♡
Yay! New Content! Love this character
LobsterPot 2023-01-20 14:16:001 ♡
This is my favorite character!
Yepa 2023-01-20 19:50:392 ♡
Has it been established if her body is organic or is it synthetic? Like she's asking her internal A.I. if she needs sleep, does this mean she doesn't feel fatigue? And does she need food, water, and oxygen?
Admin 2023-01-21 03:17:1210 ♡
The premise is that she has an organic brain inside a synthetic body. The brain would need food, water, and oxygen to survive, but a greatly reduced amount compared to a full human body. These needs would also be regulated and buffered by the synthetic systems. A chemical oxygen generator and CO2 scrubber can be hundreds more efficient natural hemoglobin, allowing her to hold her breath for hours if necessary - although that would be uncomfortable as the brain is accustomed to breathing.

The brain would also still require sleep, although the requirement for the "slow wave" period where they body repairs itself may be reduced. So she may feel suspiciously un-fatigued at times.

A synthetic body would probably need to repair itself though. Think about it, how many times can you bend a usb cable back and forth before it stops working, how long do your clothes last? Anything soft is going to need to be self-healing or it'll turn into dust in a matter of months. And then there's the matter of expendable lubrication.

So I'd imagine she'd have some kind of digestive system and eat small specially prepared supplements. I had an idea for a little story page about this.

For power, she'd probably have to be nuclear. You just can't get enough power density out of chemical batteries and the charge anxiety would be too much. I had an idea where when she's first installed she's on battery power and feels cold and lethargic, then she goes down to the reactor room to have her permanent power supply installed and immediately feels much warmer and energetic.
Yepa 2023-01-21 13:42:244 ♡
She better finish her plate if it means her body can keep making saliva and lube! That's essential for her position, which it seems like she is enjoying and embracing now! We're just glad that all of her other duties aren't wearing her down! In fact, I would expect that giving her so many other tasks around the station was intentional so as to come across crew in need of a morale boost!

I wonder if the guys are aware they're putting their dicks so close to a fission reactor lol. Also I can think of a few good reasons why being able to hold your breath for so long could come in handy ;).

You obviously put a lot of thought into the Morale Officer! Thank you. It's clear that the plausibility of her anatomy, character, and world is important! To add on to others, this is also my favorite character!

P.S. I'm worried that my comment on holding your breath was referring to blowjobs, well it was. But I think there is something needing equally critical thought. Space sex.
BB-Kiwi 2023-02-02 15:09:442 ♡
The camel's toe is somewhat pronounced, I see...
Sypheria 2023-02-02 18:07:121 ♡
Just a quick typo correction! It should be "Personnel" Query, without the extra E.

Also, what does the TX and RX by the dialogue between the first two panels mean?
Admin 2023-02-02 18:26:090 ♡
Typo fixed. TX and RX are "transmit" and "receive" indicating some kind of wireless communication.
blackpaw 2023-02-02 18:59:501 ♡
Yay! Love this character and appreciate the thought you've put into her technology
Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-02-02 19:03:381 ♡
In the second frame/panel of this page, she strongly reminds me of 7-of-9 as played by Geri Ryan
Lissette Issil 2023-02-04 00:44:050 ♡
As a power suggestion, perhaps a long-duration battery for off-ship (or beyond-civilization) operations, but while she's within range of a ship or within a city, she receives power more-or-less directly from the ship/city grid ... ? Though the 'emergency backup / year-duration power cell' thing definitely works too. ;)
Sypheria 2023-02-06 15:04:400 ♡
Ah, thank you for the tech explanation!