SatinMinions Dark Altar 01

gnome_man 2017-07-29 17:57:070 ♡
So, if they have taken her over, as evidenced by her eyes being the exact same color as her restraints, why are they taking her in there for some very nasty treatment, maybe ritual murder dedicated to their gods? Wouldn't using her for intell purposes be better? Of course, if she's prisoner #374 and all of her predecessors are equally taken over, why keep feeding another mouth?

But, maybe her own side has put whatever she has in the way of intell behind walls that her captors can't so easily break? What if this next stopping point is designed to break down those walls?

I guess I'll have to wait and seee...
Admin 2017-08-04 16:13:590 ♡
You're reading an awful lot into a girl having green eyes.

>why keep feeding another mouth?
Some mouths are worth more than others. Actually that's a great caption for
2017-08-05 16:46:580 ♡
gnome_man 2017-08-08 00:34:540 ♡
Well, yes. It is a lot to read into this comic. But your use of color has been extremely limited(and doesn't have to be), so if the same color is used for her eyes, her tatts and her chains, coupled with the sequence where she is being held, getting her breasts massaged and having her eyes change color to the exact same one as her chains, in the last panel, then I think that the colors have certain meanings.

It's only reasonable.
gnome_man 2017-08-08 00:35:540 ♡
Now, I think that you're doing a great job. Her expressions are excellent and your use of color surrounded by nothing is a great way to emphasize things. The general direction of this story suggests that the demon/people have invaded more than one world. Why would Allen/Allison be entirely ignorant of magic? Yet, you've got obvious magic-wielding women, of perhaps two different organizations (considering the marked difference in their tattoos) and/or countries, or even worlds, as captives? Or, are the two women in a storyline that doesn't intersect with Allison's?

Either way, you've done a bang up job of all this. Please continue.
gnome_man 2017-08-08 00:36:450 ♡
It would be nice to talk directly to you.
Admin 2017-08-09 01:24:100 ♡
>your use of color has been extremely limited

This is mainly for aesthetic and production reasons. When someone is under magical influence it will be much more obvious. You could call the current color palette foreshadowing if you want.

>Why would Allen/Allison be entirely ignorant of magic?

Alison's original name is not revealed. Melody just starts picking names, perhaps not even aware of his/her situation, and Mistress offers a correction. It's not even clear if Mistress bothered finding out his name, she didn't seem that interested in his file.

Dialog in the first chapter indicates that Alison is aware of transformation magic. As for his reaction to the transformation, well, I'm aware of crocodiles but I'd still be pretty surprised if one bit me in the leg.

>you've got obvious magic-wielding women

The 4th wall reason why they have tattoos is to look cool/tough (thus making it more interesting to 'defeat' them), and it's not a bad in-universe reason either. I wouldn't necessarily prescribe it to magical ability, seems more of a warrior/barbarian thing to do to me.

>are the two women in a storyline that doesn't intersect with Allison's?

They're definitely in the same world with the same captors. I don't know if they'll have a reason to meet.
Admin 2017-08-09 01:26:240 ♡
>It would be nice to talk directly to you.

You can DM me on patreon if you want, but if we're going to speculate about lore I'd rather do it publicly so other people can read and respond.
gnome_man 2017-08-09 02:58:100 ♡
No prob.

The Merc without a mouth seemed to know something, but almost nothing. Like I know nuclear physics, perhaps? It's hard to guess when so little was stated in the last four books. Of course, for Alison (you win on the spelling, of course), she's been a woman maybe two days. I don't know how long the actual transformation lasted, and he probably will never know for sure. so, there has been almost no time for him to say anything, and lovely Melody hasn't had much chance to talk Alison's head off.

So, I look forward to exploring an interesting new world.
gnome_man 2017-08-09 02:58:590 ♡
Though, I still had the feeling that magic is almost completely unknown, like the demons had brought it with them from wherever they came. I just did a quick re-read, and it's funny. Youd think the people of the northern continent would have known more about invaders who had been there... for centuries.

Of course a magically-maintained Berlin Wall around a continent could be possible, I suppose. Be pretty hard to seal things up that tightly. Even ordinary commerce would allow some movement back and forth.

I guess the demons had shut that off for a long time. There couldn't be any nuclear weapons around. If the northerners had them, the demons would have had to shut them down as soon as possible. Too risky to let live freely.