SatinMinions Dark Altar 06

gnome_man 2017-08-20 02:06:360 ♡
Well, it doesn't look like her clone. Kinda big, and that... thing hanging between its legs doesn't really go with any sort of femininity that I'd go for.
gnome_man 2017-08-20 02:16:040 ♡
The color quality, the line work, all are done so well. I wish I could draw like that.

But, she has all those snazzy tattoos - I would think that she'd have had a pretty good idea of what was going down... I mean, besides her down into the hole. The fact that the creature coming through - looks a bit like Mistress in general layout - is confined would suggest that the guys who tossed her in are trying to keep things under control, so to speak.

This is very different from where Alison is. Maybe the whatzit coming through isn't as well mannered as Mistress and her people are.

Looks pretty interesting. Pretty cool lighting effects, too.
redneckdemon 2017-08-20 17:03:370 ♡
That's the kind of virgin sacrifice I like! Much less...gory...than the alternatives.
gnome_man 2017-10-01 03:24:150 ♡
Yeah. I'm not real interested in seeing blood and such.