Blah 2018-01-23 21:37:280 ♡
This has a color tag, future plans or misplaced?
blah 2015-10-01 01:23:430 ♡
@lurker yeah it's very cleverly done, as she gets deeper in her dream/fantasy the chains that bind her start to disappear more and more. Subtle and effective.
Blah 2015-09-14 00:27:100 ♡
it does seem like a slight continuity error. At first I though she managed to escape by just slipping her hands out of the restraints but the image before this one shows that she had undone the chain/rope/strap that was holding her at the end of the bed so why would she do that if she could just slip her wrists out. Although lurker could very well be right, as the mistress does seem a little more submissive than her character has been established as. And this incident did occur right after slave girl crawled to the end of the bed to go to sleep.

You can't slip anything by us Admin, you have a high class audience here, we demand the highest of standards!

BTW do you have a general idea of the overall plot arc for the comic or do you just kind of make it up as you go along?
Blah 2015-08-24 19:28:330 ♡
Yeah it seems like it goes from passionate red to cool blue when it should be the other way around. Way to go Admin! Way to RUIN THE COMIC!

Blah 2015-06-27 20:58:490 ♡
Haha! the blinking eyes are so perfect!
Blah 2015-06-16 22:43:120 ♡
I kind of agree with the above. Although I have no problem with the current release rate it hasn't bothered me really. But if I had to choose I think I would prefer to wait longer periods before updates to get more at once. I'm not a patron though, maybe ask on the patreon page how they'd like the comic updated. Since you're doing it per page some people may not be okay with the larger sums of money being taken from their back account per month as opposed to the more manageable small portions once a week.
Blah 2015-06-07 02:51:371 ♡
Wow, those leather pants. Also, I can't help but involuntarily blink every time they do.

Is it a looped animation or are you using a script of some sort to determine when they blink because there doesn't seem to be any sort of pattern to it.
Blah 2015-05-16 22:21:420 ♡
Relax, he posted a comment on this site 3 days ago. I'm sure he's just having a bit of a vacation.
Blah 2015-04-29 20:04:121 ♡
I just love her personality, she's sweetly condescending and even almost motherly. I also like how it seems she cares for Slave Girl, but like somebody would care for a pet, not a person. I hope you don't feel pressured to get to the smut too quickly, the characterization going on here is the most important part in my opinion. It makes the smut all the more effective and compelling when it does eventually arrive.

I'm also glad you're keeping her with short hair, I love that look.
Blah 2015-04-11 18:51:221 ♡
Goddamn this is just fantastic, I love her personality. Do you do/planing on doing Futa stuff or is it just strap-on/male x female?
Blah 2015-03-29 02:00:120 ♡
Oh, I see, that puts a bit of a damper in my step haha. 10 years is a bit of a bigger time investment than I was planing on spending. For some reason I was under the impression you started more recently than that. Oh well, if you can't join 'em, beat off to 'em. :D
Blah 2015-03-28 16:54:382 ♡
The subtly in the comics puts it in a whole other league compared most other adult smut I've read. The way you express physical and emotional feelings through color, the dialogue, even the change from red to pink text to express her new feminine voice is all so fantastic. I really don't mean to blow smoke up your ass or anything but every single page sincerely stuns me.

How long have you been drawing for? I remember you saying something once about how you just picked it up as a hobby once. These comics are really inspiring me to try and take it up for myself.
Blah 2015-03-17 04:09:370 ♡
I agree with the anon, it would be cool if the comic panels had little animated details in them. Like the did in Banner Saga, just little things like the eyes blinking or some glistening wetness. That would probably be sort of time consuming but maybe you can make it a patreon goal or something. Or don't, I'm just throwing out an idea. Keep up the great work!
blah 2015-03-14 02:16:590 ♡
He already is, the comic he's writing right now features these two characters.
Blah 2015-03-05 18:10:021 ♡
Absolutely unbelievable work, not just the art but the writing as well has been superb. And you're pumping these out at a great pace as well. Enjoy your well deserved break!
Blah 2015-02-14 17:58:300 ♡
I've seen lots of comics with not much sex and lots of build up on HF before. I don't think it would be too out of place and it might help boost your popularity there. Either way you could just upload this page as a teaser for the comic to direct people to the website and patreon.
Blah 2015-02-14 03:18:441 ♡
Wow, this is just amazing, you have really outdone yourself. I feel like I say that every time you post a new page but seriously, this is just so fucking hot. I noticed You haven't been uploading this (or anything else for that matter) to hentai-foundry. Is there any reason for that? I like seeing the occasional update from you there because it reminds me to check out the website.
Blah 2015-02-04 18:41:251 ♡
The way you express physical pleasure and orgasm with colour is really inspired. It adds a new sort of erotic aspect to the image you don't get from other artists. This might be my favorite page so far!
Blah 2014-12-11 23:48:131 ♡
Man, I love these two. The way you draw them is so expressive that you don't even need any dialogue, you get an idea of their personality and relationship just from the sketches. The comic is going to be great, all aboard the hype train!
Blah 2014-12-07 04:40:081 ♡
This is gearing up to be a great comic. I love her sour and sweet nature. She humiliates him and then comforts him, it's the perfect way to break somebody down and then build them back up to be your pet. Your dialogue is great in this. And that last panel with her bending over like that, too hot. :)
Blah 2014-12-07 00:21:180 ♡
Cool! Thanks for adding ti to the fan page.
Blah 2014-11-30 14:26:280 ♡
I made a caption for this one if you want to read it

By the way, I keep getting a strange error message when I try to comment that says:

Not Found

The requested URL /login was not found on this server.
Blah 2014-11-29 07:39:031 ♡
You just keep getting better at this, Every animation is better than the last. I love the detail of the strands of pussy juice stretching as she lifts herself back up the shaft. Details like that really make these animations for me. Great work!
Blah 2014-11-19 17:23:550 ♡
Oops I'm sorry about that my internet shit the bed while I was posting my comment :(
Blah 2014-11-17 22:27:150 ♡
You have a really unique sketching style I've never seen anything quite like it before. Any process behind it at all you want to share?
Blah 2014-05-25 12:19:160 ♡
I'm really glad you decided to make a hentai-foundry account. How is it working out? Have you noticed if you've been getting more traffic to the site recently? It seems busier here lately.
Blah 2014-03-29 16:07:241 ♡
Oh cool, this is going to be for the comic isn't it? It's going to be great. Why don't you have a hentai foundry account by the way? you would be very popular there, I'm sure you'd get lots of exposure.
blah 2013-07-21 14:53:181 ♡
This is just a crazy idea that's popped to my mind, but have you considered putting sound effects into this animation like you did with the animation you did with Mako?