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Polonius 2021-03-08 06:29:46
Love the hair!
Tay Pixie 2021-03-14 05:30:01
Yeah, yeah, yeah, honey. "Nymphomaniac", "Fuck doll"... Please tell us all how much you just HATE it...
MadMaxHeadroom 2021-03-14 18:48:07
Who else is thinking "Damnit stop being so ungrateful... you don't want to be in a gorgeous body and get fucked like an animal in heat? Then let me take your place!!!"
me 2021-06-01 05:16:37
No thanks Max, you can go suck dicks if you want.
2021-06-06 19:57:17
"Midget Fuck Dolls" is a rockin' band name