Tay Pixie 2022-12-04 01:27:211 ♡
Good girrrl, Alison. Very Good girl.
Tay Pixie 2022-11-30 16:38:491 ♡
".... uh oh..." when she realizes she's the newest addition to the brothel lol
Tay Pixie 2022-11-08 09:17:242 ♡
Ooooh this one's nice. I wonder how the Gerudo one would look. I always loved that one.
Tay Pixie 2022-11-05 16:42:132 ♡
Oh my God. There is a tear in my eye right now. That is so beautiful. Lol.
Tay Pixie 2022-11-04 22:34:350 ♡
Mmmm... I kinda like Satin Minion's version better on this one. She looks amazing, but the facial expression just looks too childish. I don't know how these AI re-do's work though so I'm not insulting their work.
Tay Pixie 2022-11-03 16:28:303 ♡
Damn her boobs are big. And she's barefoot lol. Noticable.
Tay Pixie 2022-11-03 15:57:351 ♡
Boing.. boing... boing.... boing...
Tay Pixie 2022-10-30 14:40:322 ♡
I keep coming back to this. Returning to Tiger_Driver91's statement, I love the quick, unexpected change into a woman with the clothes still hanging and then the domination. Reminds me of the "Alpha Club" stories by Trisha on fictionmania.
Tay Pixie 2022-10-14 21:27:124 ♡
Oooo looks like Alison's getting acquainted witb her "Big Problems" lol. That'd definitely be a lot to get used to. ;)
Tay Pixie 2022-09-26 17:09:451 ♡
Oooo that's some strong stuff, huh? Fantastic!
Tay Pixie 2022-09-11 22:08:591 ♡
Of all the characeters that exist in the fictional universe, I think Satin Minions's Mistress Vallochar would be the characeter I'd love to meet. She trumps MCU, DC comics, and any others. Of course... she'd probably get exhausted with all the same requests...
Tay Pixie 2022-07-16 03:33:062 ♡
It must be hard for her in several ways. One, in her current state, is obvious: She's been turned into a woman, was straight, and is just following along the path of attraction to be a straight woman so she's naturally attracted to all this.

On the other hand, another thought that may go through her head is "God... I used to be that strong... Not anymore...."
Tay Pixie 2022-06-24 21:05:071 ♡
Whooooaa!!! Liara's butt! It's so perfect! Oh she can punch a wish into me ANY time!
Tay Pixie 2022-05-23 01:43:080 ♡
This moment is so hard on the psychological level. Realizing what you've lost (but at the same time, gained) from undergoing such a PERFECT transformation. There's no questions asked here.

You are the best TG MTF artist in the world. You capture it so brilliantly.

Thank you for doing what you do. The world needs more people like you.
Tay Pixie 2022-05-17 19:40:140 ♡
Feets! ^_^
Tay Pixie 2022-05-17 19:37:550 ♡
YESS! We finally get some emphasis on one of Alison's most under-appreciated assets: Her soft little feet. Thank you so much.
Tay Pixie 2022-05-06 20:42:550 ♡
This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for drawing it! You rock!

Alison's got such a lovely figure its amazing to see it from different angles!
Tay Pixie 2022-05-05 15:27:011 ♡
Oh my God. I love that vulnerable last pose. She's in for the fuck of her life! Can she handle it? She better
Tay Pixie 2022-03-09 22:54:250 ♡
Like seriously, can this be me tomorrow morning? Please and thank you!
Tay Pixie 2022-03-09 21:00:190 ♡
Wow... Don't know what her story is but damn... what a lucky girl!
Tay Pixie 2022-03-08 21:21:251 ♡
Can we get a side view of her, if you have time?

MMM... and a barefoot pose too?
Tay Pixie 2022-03-05 01:03:331 ♡
I think that this one would be good to tuck away as a stand-alone story for a rainy day down the line. A great Quarterback to Cheerleader TG story. Just too many fun possibilities to go from in this one! ^_^
Tay Pixie 2022-03-01 22:30:220 ♡

Oh my! She's a petite little thing. I guess it makes sense her feet would be that small too. My guess was a 5.

Great work!
Tay Pixie 2021-10-30 07:42:240 ♡
Haha! I love the look on the left twin's face. It seems to say "Is this lady for real right now?"
Tay Pixie 2021-10-28 15:13:161 ♡
Oh my! Yep, those are quite the big problem. Then again, what a problem to have! ;) <3
Tay Pixie 2021-09-25 00:43:080 ♡
Huh... so it would seem that Allison's "punishment", as it were, fits her crime quite well. Over and over and over again, it seems. Haha.
Tay Pixie 2021-09-12 10:52:590 ♡
I love what you've done in this pic with just emphasizing how girly she's become. Her little pink toenails! I know you're not into feet but to me, that's one of the cutest parts of her body.

For all of us foot fans out there, could you tell us what her size is?
Tay Pixie 2021-09-12 10:31:000 ♡
Ooooo! Alison's been shrunk! She's bitty! This is one of the best outfits for her though!
Tay Pixie 2021-09-06 16:26:290 ♡
Uh.... where can I get one of these VR units?
Tay Pixie 2021-09-05 23:48:480 ♡
Come on, girl! Where's your counter-attack! Take that arrogant Orc chick's cock away!
Tay Pixie 2021-08-23 06:49:141 ♡
Oooooo... looks like that player got more than he signed up for.
Tay Pixie 2021-08-01 17:47:280 ♡
I like the Love Sorceress's shoes. You can see she paints her toes too, from the color. Very pretty!

(Love sorceress is just a guess lol)
Tay Pixie 2021-07-16 08:04:551 ♡
Thats a VERY busy (and productive) lady, right there.
Tay Pixie 2021-05-23 17:24:040 ♡
Oh god... the story is so lovely... please.. let the entire population be turned into women, or something haha. I can't wait.
Tay Pixie 2021-05-22 02:21:351 ♡
Also... That sparkle in the genie girl's eye as she thinks about the promotion/points that await here is just lovely.
Tay Pixie 2021-05-22 01:02:051 ♡
I wish I was her!
Tay Pixie 2021-05-20 22:28:311 ♡
Tay Pixie 2021-05-06 05:27:171 ♡
Theyd have a lovely time at Mardi Gras Im sure!
Tay Pixie 2021-05-06 05:24:411 ♡
Oh ho ho, yes! Dear me, what a couple of very lucky, generously-blessed ladies! Who wouldnt want an impressive chest like that? Damn... Allison went up a cup size!
Tay Pixie 2021-05-01 01:08:500 ♡
Oh my god.. PLEEEASE tell me she is stuck that way! PLEASE oh please oh please! What a lucky girl!
Tay Pixie 2021-04-25 17:42:411 ♡
Oh my gawd... what a hell of a feeling. PLEASE tell me she's stuck like this... please oh please oh please! Lol... the envy!
Tay Pixie 2021-04-18 13:40:461 ♡
Oh. My God... I-I just... I'm speechless lol.
Tay Pixie 2021-04-10 00:26:111 ♡
Oh my! Lol! That high kick! I never knew she was that flexible! Again, the envy meter just goes up! I hope I run into Mistress Valochar someday! This just takes Allison's whole cuteness factor to a new level. Too cute for words.
Tay Pixie 2021-04-05 19:08:540 ♡
OoooOooOOOoooh God...
Tay Pixie 2021-04-05 07:14:590 ♡
^^^ Right?! Wish I was her!
Tay Pixie 2021-04-04 04:01:102 ♡
Oh my... just, wow! She's completely bewildered at his size yet her legs are spread just as WIDE as she can spread them in that top panel.

Just, bravo! This is such an amazing scene that really captures the feelings, emotions and sensations of this wonderful moment!
Tay Pixie 2021-03-26 00:49:460 ♡
There's something to be said about this image. Satin Minions has been with us for at least a decade, but there's just something about this moment in the now legendary Lighter Chains that just hits the nail on the head so hard. That moment the threshold is crossed. Whether you're here because you're trans, or you're curious, or just plain kinky... this is that moment. The sympathy with the character is just so real: You're female, babe!
Tay Pixie 2021-03-14 00:30:010 ♡
Yeah, yeah, yeah, honey. "Nymphomaniac", "Fuck doll"... Please tell us all how much you just HATE it...
Tay Pixie 2021-03-07 13:19:592 ♡
Wow. This scene it's just like "Welcome to your new life!" lol.
Tay Pixie 2021-02-28 23:42:081 ♡
I mean, it's kind of the trademark of the artist. It's so cliche at this point but I'll say it: God... I wish I were her...