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Mango 2021-03-07 04:09:343 ♡
This is so hot! You are a master class at showing emotions.
BMO 2021-03-07 04:34:043 ♡
God damn... she looks drunk.
Tay Pixie 2021-03-07 18:19:592 ♡
Wow. This scene it's just like "Welcome to your new life!" lol.
Dingleberry Blonde 2021-05-26 22:22:172 ♡
What I love about this panel is how the facial expression in the lower frame seems to hint that some fragment of the pre-transformation protagonist remains aware of what has happened and has been brought forward in their mind and confront the fact that they just sucked such a well-endowed cock and so eagerly took its full length down their throat until their nameless and (for now) faceless paramour released their enormous load of cum and swallowed what they could with the remainder spilling out of their mouth to collect on their chin and run down their neck and between their huge tits -- the memory of the sensation of having such a large and meaty example of manhood thrust in and out of their mouth and across their tongue and the taste of its love sauce so vivid and unable to be ignored will be with them from this moment on!!

That look in their eyes says all of this!
2021-06-25 00:04:362 ♡
It's like the pre-transition persona of the protagonist was lulled into a trancelike stupor while they were deepthroating the so far faceless man that they're now coupled with as their paramour and is now back, fog lifted, and is forced to contend with what just happened to them, and the active role they played in making it happen -- they did it, and they loved it, yet can't believe that they took something so enormous and meaty so far down their throat without choking on it!!