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Guest 2022-09-09 08:36:210 ♡
Um Satin, could you go through and make the old images like this public finally?

This image has an 'Patreon early access' sign.
That will be public 'soon'

It is over FOUR YEARS old.
This particular image is a particularly bad issue because it is the COVER PAGE of the image set. And this is not the only image like this.

Who the hell makes cover pages unviewable for crying out loud?
Anon 2022-09-09 01:45:561 ♡
Not sure if I should be turned on or terrified, can I do both?
Your Quiet+Neighbor 2022-09-08 21:36:071 ♡
Well, it didn't take long for her to get pinned!!
TayPixie 2022-09-05 23:15:062 ♡
Whether you're into feet or not, I think all can agree: Allison deserves more foot massages lol.
thedoctor9 2022-09-05 17:18:513 ♡
the "pose" ........ very nice! Hopefully the beginning of a trend
Yepa 2022-09-04 11:43:501 ♡
X marks the spot!
rickyzim 2022-09-02 15:51:492 ♡
what a development
Admin 2022-09-01 02:13:213 ♡
Perhaps if you answer my other questions
Your Quiet+Neighbor 2022-09-01 01:20:080 ♡
Thanks for noticing the gratuitous "+" symbol that I didn't intend to include in my username. Is there any way to remove it, or is it locked in place?
Tiger_Driver91 2022-08-31 21:03:242 ♡
More of this please! I'd love to see what the gender bent jock goes through as a pretty little cheerleader, maybe she doesn't have any panties on during the big game and has to cover while she cheers, maybe she gets her clothes stolen by the other girls and is force to do a walk of shame hopping no one catches her, the possibilities are endless.
Admin 2022-08-31 01:55:170 ♡
>Johnny "Jenny" Test
I'll give it a try.
Admin 2022-08-31 01:23:062 ♡
[Mistress tying the man's feet]
Man: Is this necessary?
Mistress: You play in my bed, you play by my rules.
Man: Uh.. fair enough I sup-oof
[Man is interrupted as Mistress pulls him back, tightening the ropes on his wrists]
Mistress: Now then, I *am* going to have to torture you for a bit.
Man: t.torture?
Mistress: Mmm, yes. If you have been possessed, it'll only come out when you're at your most primal level of consciousness. Oh don't worry, you'll like it...At least at first.
Captain Obvious 2022-08-30 18:36:552 ♡
You've really improved!
rickyzim 2022-08-30 15:40:241 ♡
it's great to see, how your characters start to live over the years :)
thedoctor9 2022-08-30 12:16:410 ♡
Thanks for the MP4 file. The other format is not my favorite
Admin 2022-08-30 02:10:280 ♡
There was a bug in the way some Patreon info was parsed, but it should be fixed now.
seredin 2022-08-30 00:41:382 ♡
Ooh, a male version of the collar?
Yepa 2022-08-29 23:39:583 ♡
I'm the first to comment as a verified user! (I just want to see what it looks like)
Admin 2022-08-29 22:55:330 ♡
Also, did you type that "+" in your username or did it show up on it's own? I had some trouble with encoding/decoding spaces but I'm not sure how there'd be one space and one plus.
Admin 2022-08-29 22:54:030 ♡
You don't appear to be logged in (your comment does not have a user id). In the upper right corner of the page, do you see "Login" or do you see your username? If you click that link do you see your profile or do you get a login prompt?

Also, your account does not have a patreon id. After logging in here, click the "Connect with Patreon" link from your profile. After signing in on and clicking "allow", it should redirect you back here and you should see your tier level listed in your profile. If you already did this, did it seem to work or were there any errors?
Your Quiet+Neighbor 2022-08-29 22:10:050 ♡
@The Admin:

I just became a patron of your Patreon page (2nd highest level at $10 -- "engagement", I believe it's called, but when I clicked this image's thumbnail all I see is the "Become A Patron" disclaimer like someone who's not a patron would see.
Admin 2022-08-29 22:00:390 ♡
Done. Also attached this image to the end of the comic.
Sign @ The X 2022-08-27 22:25:231 ♡
@The Admin:

Could you make a thumbnail for Zoey?
2022-08-24 09:01:051 ♡
Fuck yes, girl. Get that cock.
thedoctor9 2022-08-22 21:21:361 ♡
we're waiting to see where that is going to end to see some of that fine artwork
Kidsalot 2022-08-19 20:17:001 ♡
I would say the re draw is a lot better, lot more detail to it.
Damn 2022-08-17 07:12:030 ♡
I was hoping it would have a scene change or something. Great work none the less
This one SatMin fan: 2022-08-15 21:44:532 ♡
@The Admin:

You make sex (even graphic/XXX-rated sex) a beautiful thing to behold, and that's not always the case with respect to most erotica/pornography, which is stimulating to look at, but your content (no matter how tame or graphic in nature for the given piece) is art, first, that happens to be sexual in its subject matter
2022-08-14 21:48:191 ♡
Best girl
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-08-11 23:45:361 ♡
Q&A @The Admin:

What about your take on a gen-swapped Johnny "Jenny" Test?
Admin 2022-08-10 03:38:551 ♡
Volume 1 and 2 are packed fairly tightly together, it's a continuous series of events. You could slot this in somewhere after the end of Vol.2 and before page 19 of Vol.3 - that's when she decides she's being too easily swept up in things like this.
2022-08-08 21:06:290 ♡
...only two fingers?! Allison had one hell of a tight gash early-on after her forced-transition!!

Q&A @ the Admin:

If this is an image canon to the ongoing story of Lighter Chains, about where can it be placed in the timeline of her conditioning, issue-wise? If I were to hazard a guess, based upon how short her hair is and how her body language seems to indicate that she's still acclimating herself to her newly-acquired anatomy, I'm gonna go with either Vol. 1 or 2 -- or, perhaps, 1.5.
Blightedmarsh 2022-08-07 06:21:520 ♡
I am more curious about the lack of collar
Ether 2022-08-01 09:24:051 ♡
I suspect that Valochar's the father here.
Dingleberry Blonde 2022-07-29 16:24:460 ♡
I can't wait to see how her story unfolds -- am hoping that she was abducted while still in male-mode and gets deflowered moments after realizing that her gender's been swapped by a demon she's been force-married to who wanted a virgin bride!

(perhaps she had a hypnosis collar on during the ceremony which kept her in a mindlessly compliant state and prompted her to say "I do" at all of the critical moments -- and she signed the marriage documents with her blood)
Sign @ The X 2022-07-29 15:27:191 ♡
Mmmmm, this Sadie "girl" is sooooo sexy!!!
Joseph williams 2022-07-26 15:55:100 ♡
Then when the hell does the penis become a vagina?
Tell me please...
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-07-25 17:32:010 ♡
I love how quickly she goes from defiant to compliant in these four frames!!!
Sign @ The X 2022-07-25 16:40:300 ♡
@The Admin:

Mmmmm, what a sexy character, but I don't see a thumbnail to click for their page -- are they a newly-added character with this being their first image?
BB-Kiwi 2022-07-25 13:18:460 ♡
So, if that isn't Allison's baby, then did Mistress Esma zap her into a wet nurse and put her to work in the castle nursery? Then again as shes not wearing her neck ring, it could very well be her child...
Dingleberry Blonde 2022-07-24 17:43:181 ♡
Mmmmm-mmmmm, I just love how slobberingly wet Allison's pussy is here while getting savagely rammed, over and over again, by Valochar's (that's her name, right?) dildo!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-07-23 00:00:080 ♡
That facial expression in the final frame looks to me like their trance just broke (and hard), leaving them to realize that they just sucked a cock and swallowed its load -- and enjoyed it
BB-KIWI 2022-07-21 14:48:330 ♡
I think I wouldn't overly mind if I woke up looking like her... Excellent artwork and animation.
2022-07-17 14:01:241 ♡
The lighting on this one is so nice, incredibly vibrant.
Admin 2022-07-17 01:05:100 ♡
I use an old Intuos 3 tablet, which is better than a lot of new tablets because of the button cluster. It has several buttons grouped together that can be differentiated by feel along with a scroll strip. The trend with newer tablets is to have a row of buttons down the side which is not as quick or easy to press.

I used Krita this image, and most of the recent images. It is free and open source. It's good for drawing but if I need to do a complex layout with masking, lots of text, or a super smooth gradient, I'll go back to Photoshop CS 9. CS9 is old but it does not require a subscription or internet activation.

For a few of the really smooth vector animations, I used a program that I wrote myself.
Bikes 2022-07-16 23:50:020 ♡
Wow! I love her eyes! Out of curiosity, what programs / tablet do you use to make your animations?
SatMin #1 Fan 2022-07-16 17:33:051 ♡
Mmmmm, what spell-castingly gorgeous green eyes (did I just sploosh?!)!!!
Tay Pixie 2022-07-16 03:33:060 ♡
It must be hard for her in several ways. One, in her current state, is obvious: She's been turned into a woman, was straight, and is just following along the path of attraction to be a straight woman so she's naturally attracted to all this.

On the other hand, another thought that may go through her head is "God... I used to be that strong... Not anymore...."
Sign @ The X 2022-07-15 19:28:101 ♡
Not only is she pregnant, but Allison looks like she's at full-term stage in this image and could give birth any moment now -- and I hella love the addition of horns she's earned after losing her chains!!

@the Admin: If you haven't already done one that you have yet to post, could you make one that shows Allison nursing her demon baby?
Sign @ The X 2022-07-15 18:35:490 ♡
To the Admin:

I just wanna say that I love that we're getting daily updates now!! I know that we can't expect this to last forever, but I'm addicted to your content; so, when I get my fix met every day, and not just twice or thrice a week, it's really kool!!