Carol 2010-06-14 03:57:520 ♡
when I picture your transformed male in this scene its extremely exciting.
Carol 2010-06-14 03:55:360 ♡
Yes. the expression of the bottom girl is priceless. I could almost hear the top saying "that's a good girl keep pushing back." I just picture this as a part of your coercion. She fought at first but now the ecstasy has taken over and she's giving in. I also love the position. It screams dominate.
Carol 2010-06-14 03:50:000 ♡
"Now was that so bad"
Carol 2010-06-14 03:47:260 ♡
Love the expression of a feeble no..please..don't. But you can see she wants this.
Carol 2010-06-14 03:43:320 ♡
I guess the girl's trainer decided to change the training regiment.
rich girl "what do you think your doing?"
Trainer "hee hee, I'm going to teach you some new calorie burning excises your going to come to love"
Carol 2010-06-14 03:38:560 ♡
From this one I get "Struggle as much as you like, your mine now"
Carol 2010-06-14 03:36:000 ♡
Oh how I wish I could purchase such a collar. sigh
Carol 2010-06-14 03:33:540 ♡
This submissive pose looks like she wants more of what happen earlier. "Will you take me again?"
Carol 2010-06-14 02:52:510 ♡
Not much detail to get a read on this one. but I love the way the female seems to be looking forward as if this isn't happening to her. I see an element of surprise as she starts to enjoy the anal sex and starts to push back.
Carol 2010-06-14 02:47:390 ♡
Again I see this as the transformed male. S/he gave into the intense female body senses and gave her first blow job in a totally trance-like state only to have the cum flowing down her throat break the spell and shock of what S/he had done.
Carol 2010-06-14 02:35:040 ♡
I love your art but this one is too vanilla. I would like to see more expression from the bottomed female. Moans and faces of ecstasy with head trashing. The top would have a more fierce look of hunger. Wild lust as she drives into the bottomed female. The top would look like she can't stop or control herself as she dominates the bottom woman.
Carol 2010-06-14 02:26:101 ♡
I like this. I see a muscular Arnold type that was transformed. He fought the other male and was forced into this position. be can't deny the pleasure of a female body. he's being broken in. I would love to see another drawing like this with a woman dominating another woman with a strap on.
Carol 2010-06-14 02:16:290 ♡
a Male transformed into a woman would be the ultimate first timer. I believe a man wouldn't be able to deal with a woman's role in sex and find it humiliating for one and second would be find the heights of female pleasure mind blowing. I think that even the most straight male would given in to another male if he were trapped in a woman's form. Sure S/he would fight but eventually her/his body would be his undoing. That it would be turned on to the situation even if he mentally isn't. S/he would be instantly wet and would perform acts that were repellent before such a transformation. Including anal, blow jobs and missionary. Please do more girl on girl but make the second larger.
Carol 2010-06-14 02:16:020 ♡
I love the helpless look on the man. That look of shock,fear and awe are priceless and you capture it perfectly. As a gay women I have had this fantasy of a very masculine muscular man being turned into a very small frail feminine woman almost a girl, then being able to ravished that woman as she struggles then eventually succumbs to my whims. I've always been the more dominate in my relations. I love first timers aka bi-curious straight girls. They start out so reluctant then gradually giving in. Some I have turned out and made gay.