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GIF animation of a man fucking a woman from behind.
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wbfrcu evpuzbaq 2010-01-06 00:54:351 ♡
She doesn't look particularly happy.
2010-01-06 02:00:571 ♡
Well, what can I say? I like a moderate submission fantasy where the girl resists but then grows to enjoy it. The facial expressions are a fine line. She did sour a bit from the original sketch though.
Person Man 2010-03-06 13:32:591 ♡
We need some lesbian stuff. I'm sorry, but seeing a guy in my porn turns me off. Hope you can understand that, at least slightly.Still, very good job I guess. I even have a hard time directly looking at it. XD
Carol 2010-06-14 06:26:102 ♡
I like this. I see a muscular Arnold type that was transformed. He fought the other male and was forced into this position. be can't deny the pleasure of a female body. he's being broken in. I would love to see another drawing like this with a woman dominating another woman with a strap on.
sub_boy 2010-06-14 23:29:341 ♡
Carol, I just wanted to say that reading your comment made me squirm in my seat.
I love the thought that this young female was once a male and the stronger male wrestled her into submission and then topped her.
He then proceeded to sodomize her for the ultimate show of his strength and dominance.
I'd love to be either one of the persons depending on whether I'm in a Top mood or bottom mood :P
To the creator of this gif: Great work! And I hope this doesn't sound too egoistical but please make more!
There is NOTHING sexier than a muscular man dominating a smaller female like in this gif.
Doggy-style is the ultimate position in showing who's in charge but the missionary position can also be very delicious.
2010-10-06 11:58:001 ♡
oh oh i want ansd wish for this to be a girl and do be doing this having girl sex and maybe even getting pregant at last i want to be a girl and have girl sex please! it would feel so right and so good to be doing this as a girl does it coming as a girl msut come i want a pussy and breast and to be female inside as well so i can have babies please i ma so ready for this to be a girl and to fuck like a girl gets it oh please let me be a girl! i wait for this more and more!
Sissy Pam 2010-11-20 16:01:542 ♡
a wonderful rendition of feMALE SUBMISSION
Eve 2011-07-06 08:05:242 ♡
I love this video and like some of the stories people have put with it. My own would be a man who trys to commit suicide but is instead rescued by a Fairy Godmother. Who tells him that he can have a second chance in the body of a woman. He reluctantly agrees and is transformed into a woman. She then awakens for the first time in her new body and a muscleman enters her and as he's making love to her she feels pleasure beyond words as his cock pushes into her cervix :) That's just my story hehe ;)
Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-01-19 21:57:070 ♡
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