BIG fan 2019-11-05 07:46:092 ♡
LIVING for these perspectives
Big Fan 2011-03-02 20:54:392 ♡
My only complaint is that I could not change my listed name from Bog Fan! Not a complaint really as your art has again made my day.
Big Fan 2010-05-20 21:39:190 ♡
I know that this is a sketch, but I love this one. I know that I often focus on the eyes...and I love the closure here, but what is best is how I see the single strands of hair over her face. I think that layering the movement of the hair as you did in the outline would be best served in a full treatment.
Big Fan 2010-05-20 21:32:440 ♡
Wow. I have been away for a bit and you have posted a ton of incredible art. I will admit that those in color got my attention first, but if I had to rank them on independent merits, this is the tops. The face we see in the mirror is one of shock in her eyes, yet the mirror offers a reminder of the man that she was/is and the wandering hand reminds us of what she wants....
Big Fan 2010-04-13 18:09:240 ♡
I love the changes. I love the shrinking scene in particular. You begin with a very good depiction of an "any man" and as the changes progress the man looks more like a child before a woman. With that thought in mind, I am drawn to your take on the arms in this context. As you illustrate the arms as the change take place they look increasingly feminine, but in that shot they almost look like those of a baby (read a bit larger then the body) which to me is a perfect segway into the fact that what you are depicting is in fact a rebirth. I also love your use of shadow and light to draw attention to the changes that are about to occur. Especially in the final shot where the breasts expand as naturally such an increase in proportion would change how light reacts with the subject. I love when art is both aesthetically pleasing (which the focus on the breasts is) and make sense in a realistic way. Well done.
Big Fan 2010-04-06 15:06:290 ♡
I think that you sum up a lot about the changes going on in the woman's eyes. It conveys the initial pain right through the shock and surprise of what is going on. The "icing to the cake" was by adding the blinks at the end. And whereas the eyes are my favorite part, I do have to echo Chris in complimenting you with regards to the formation of the hair and nipples. I also loved the subtle touch added when the penis retracts into a vagina. It clearly calls to mind a male orgasm in the second that this person is no longer male. Well done.
Big Fan 2010-04-05 18:21:230 ♡
I love the quick takes between the shots. It captures the suddenness of an instant transformation of the sexes. If it were to occur, it would seem like this I think with focus from one part of the body to another. From the point of view of the person transformed or someone watching your eyes would logically dart from place to place. Your art reflects this.
Big Fan 2010-04-05 18:16:000 ♡
This is another of my favorites. I am looking forward to you finishing this one. What I like is not the graphic nature, but the little details. I love the look of surprise at the moment of climax and the continues motion of her body as it continues. The "coup de grace" though is the fact that a bit gets into her mouth and you finish with a quick surprised swallow. I think how you finish up with the eyes here is important.
Big Fan 2010-04-05 17:56:551 ♡
I love how this differs from some of your others in terms of subjects. The penis is larger and therefore the strokes are shorter. Also unlike some others the cheek muscles al stay taught. I also think that the movement of the eyes portrays a sense of struggle with the "mission" at hand that others do not show which seems appropriate considering the girth drawn.
Big Fan 2010-04-05 17:52:151 ♡
This is another of your master works. I love how you show the head of the penis which illustrates how hard she is working at this. Add in the movement of the cheeks to the determined blue eyes to the girl's body movement....very, very well done.
Big Fan 2010-04-05 17:45:000 ♡
I love all of your animation. I think I like this one best with the flutter o the eyes. I just would have liked to see a couple of seconds more of what led to this point. That said the moment is perfectly illustrated.