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Big Fan 2010-04-05 18:16:000 ♡
This is another of my favorites. I am looking forward to you finishing this one. What I like is not the graphic nature, but the little details. I love the look of surprise at the moment of climax and the continues motion of her body as it continues. The "coup de grace" though is the fact that a bit gets into her mouth and you finish with a quick surprised swallow. I think how you finish up with the eyes here is important.
The Author 2010-04-08 02:46:180 ♡
Hey Big Fan, thanks for all the detailed comments - I really enjoyed reading them. This is one of my earliest animations and I've learned a lot since making this. The movement of the arm and body is robotic and follows the 3D reference too closely. The lines are quite sketchy - now and days I work at high res and down sample for the final product to minimize the appearance of errors. I have also learned that it is much easier to refine your key frames before tweening instead of sketching out a million frames and then refining. It'd be much easier to start over than to attempt to salvage the frames here. I might just do that, though :)