Baby girl 2018-06-21 08:50:56
Lighter Chains V5 11
This comic give me life
2018-06-21 06:18:16
Lighter Chains V5 10
She admitted it! ;)
Hj 2018-06-18 08:58:34
Lighter Chains V5 10
The series needs pregnancy
2018-06-14 01:03:03
Lighter Chains V2 05
Looks like foreshadowing is finally paying off.
2018-06-14 00:22:09
Lighter Chains V5 10
Two guys checking her out is fine, but staying at Torrin's instantly makes her blush <3
2018-06-13 11:04:17
Lighter Chains V5 10
That last pane; expression is SO CUTE
2018-06-11 22:53:17
Lighter Chains V5 09
At least two heavy chests.
A dumby 2018-06-11 15:23:04
Lighter Chains V5 09
It's my third look and I only now notice the 'heavy chests' pun
Pippo 2018-06-11 09:19:33
Dark Altar 10
wow.. that cock is sooo sexy...
2018-06-08 18:07:06
Lighter Chains V5 09
I think mistress may be leaving her with da guy *Chuckle*
dude 2018-06-08 12:51:39
pleasureTF 3
This animation is just too notch. I love how he forced to look down and watch as the most obvious sign of womanhood and her new biological purpose forces their way out of his chest.
guy 2018-06-08 12:47:27
Xray Cumshot
I once dated a girl who was such the submissive type we had sex the first date and while doing it she told me she wasn't on BC but she couldn't get herself to say stop. The most I got was a labored whisper "no" when I told her I'm going to blow my load deep inside her sexy body and I did and she not only let me she wanted it. She moved and angled herself to allow maximum penetration. Made me imagine how it would be if I turned into a woman. Giving in so easily to your partner.. Your body betraying your mind to fullfill your feminine function of child bearing. So sexy
2018-06-06 22:24:47
Lighter Chains V5 09
I think that they're pretty focused on what's really important.
2018-05-31 02:20:09
Lighter Chains V5 08
oh yes, very nice
Tanya 2018-05-25 07:14:30
Lighter Chains V5 07
I would love to have "duties" like this.
kronkkrop 2018-05-25 01:43:20
Lighter Chains V5 07
I absolutely love your storytelling. Getting her to accept her new female body with positive reinforcement is a very alluring idea.
BOSS !!! $$ 2018-05-22 05:51:29
Blowjob Xray
I'm up to give the same thing to Barbara
2018-05-16 19:46:03
Lighter Chains V5 06
my fucking mind is blown i cant wait for this bitch to get fucked
Admin 2018-05-16 18:32:15
Lighter Chains V5 02
The continuity police are out in force on this one. There, I changed it (might have to ctrl+f5).
Mylilfrien 2018-05-16 15:52:05
Lighter Chains V5 02
Wasnt his name Torrin, like two issues ago?
Six 2018-05-15 00:10:24
Shape Shifter Idea 01
Would love to see a series of this or just a small continuation
Appleigh 2018-05-07 04:22:07
Dark Altar 20
You just expertly depicted a big-time fantasy of mine, in a perfectly gooshy and so so hawt way. Thankyou!
Admin 2018-05-07 03:13:39
Lighter Chains V5 07
Patreon lets you set a monthly limit, and you'll still get access to everything. Don't tell anyone though, it's a secret.
ExpectNoMercy 2018-05-07 01:49:25
Lighter Chains V5 07
So.... Your content block says "As little as $1 a month.... But there is no patron level for that amount... Only $1 per page
seredin 2018-05-04 15:13:10
Lighter Chains V5 06
Thank you admin-sama for taking your time with this story. Short sequences like this add so much to why this comic is worth supporting.
TheUnplanner 2018-05-04 13:26:18
Lighter Chains V5 03
So after the bath, did she go to Mistress and ask what do to with the cuffs, or did she try to escape?
TheUnplanner 2018-05-04 13:21:01
Female Orgasm
"Comming" or "cumming"? The former implies that she's talking into a walkie-talkie right now...which would certainly be interesting!
TheUnplanner 2018-05-04 13:19:00
Armless Girl Request
Looks like her brain is still stuck on "Mistress can DO that?!"
2018-05-04 07:33:20
Lighter Chains V5 05
Of course she is. I'm dead certain that the male is a part of the gradual frog in a pot method of acclimatisation Mistress seems to be employing. She has an entirely platonic, brief, faintly friendly encounter with him, and then further encounters periodically. He's charming, handsome, disarming, and a contrast from the rough characters Mistress exposed her too earlier.

He's going to be the guy that fucks her first, and he was always going to be.
2018-05-03 07:18:43
Lighter Chains V5 05
Does anyone else see that Mistress is noticing the way she is looking at him.
ThatGirl 2018-05-01 03:27:31
Lighter Chains V5 05
I hope she gets the cock she desrves this volume. Been waiting for that for years now.
2018-04-30 20:17:50
Lighter Chains V5 05
Yep, she's adjusting well
2018-04-30 00:38:10
Lighter Chains V5 05
I have the feeling that they might get together in the future... Let's hope!
Clover E 2018-04-28 06:23:23
familiar service 01
I'm with N here. We know you've more than likely got your hands full with the current list of comics, but since there are 4 - 5 pages in this sequence already, will a comic for it be given thought?
not you 2018-04-23 06:46:25
Lighter Chains V5 04
these comics are a masterpiece in both art and story great moves keep it up
2018-04-22 00:12:57
familiar service 04
The hearts in her eyes is a good touch, very subtle
2018-04-20 04:26:29
familiar service 03
10/10 I love the internal shot
CR 2018-04-17 19:33:27
familiar service 02
All good now. Thank you. I had tried multiple browsers about a week apart and it wasn't working. Today ... voila!
Tanya 2018-04-17 10:11:56
Lighter Chains V5 04
I just found your amazing site, and just red this amazing comic.
I'm normally not a fan of gender swap stuff, but your art is so hypnotising that I couldn't stop reading.

Don't get me wrong the story is also great, but if it was drawn by a less gifted artist I would skip this site after seeing first transformation.
Your art is exceptional. It looks simple at the first glance but it excellently carries all the emotions. It has everything that is necessary to transfer story and feelings without any unnecessary additives that would disturb the communication between you and your viewer.
You're really gifted artist and I envy you your talent and this comment is already to long so I'll stop now.
Tanya 2018-04-17 09:39:15
This one is a little gem in your collection. I realty like the girl and the "story" ;)

It would be amazing if you would find time and inspiration to add like one or two panels before this one and two or three after.
But not on the expense of your main story:)
SilverGRRL 2018-04-16 20:29:13
Lighter Chains V5 Alt Cover
This is to cute and romantic :O
that girl 2018-04-16 05:58:59
Lighter Chains V5 Alt Cover
Srsly this is SO HOTTT I love this cover
that girl 2018-04-16 05:57:27
Lighter Chains V5 Alt Cover
N 2018-04-15 19:15:25
familiar service 01
She's by far my favorite one of your girls. Will there be a story about her?
2018-04-15 03:34:14
Lighter Chains V5 Alt Cover
finally :D
Cadoc 2018-04-14 17:14:10
Lighter Chains V5 04
The way she is fiddling with her collars little attachment point. Oh god. Too much. Adorable. Man this time skip sure has treated her well
seredin 2018-04-14 00:22:30
this is the best fetish
Admin 2018-04-13 21:31:43
familiar service 01
I can assure you that it is working. If you can't solve the problem on your end, the images are directly embedded in the patreon feed as well.
CR 2018-04-13 19:52:51
familiar service 01
broken picture reference for this and the other 5
2018-04-13 18:30:27
Lighter Chains V5 04
Omg wana see her get fucked
XD 2018-04-13 17:32:34
Lighter Chains V5 04
Well it seems someone's going to get a talking to
2018-04-13 15:08:51
Lighter Chains V5 04
Great body language.
Cadoc 2018-04-12 14:01:24
Lighter Chains V5 03
Hey Admin I appreciate you sharing that covered text to us, It's so adorable!

And yeah that first scene is so cute... I have to say she really seems to be adapting to her new situation quite well. That new haircut is great.
2018-04-11 18:05:05
Lighter Chains V5 03 No Foreground
Now I'm intrigued by Melissa's (is that her name?) outfit.
2018-04-11 15:12:56
Lighter Chains V5 03
I'm enjoying that mistress is more than just the trainer, it's nice to see a story with depth, thank you very much satin
Caline 2018-04-10 19:44:11
Lighter Chains V5 03
Ha! That's really good, Anon. :-) Thanks for sharing the covered text, Satin!
gnome_man 2018-04-10 19:18:57
Lighter Chains V4 08 No Text High Res
These two pictures need no words...
Nasala 2018-04-10 12:33:07
Link Page 05
I know it's a strange thing to say but I love how curly you made Lynn's hair :D
Also that expression in the final panel <3
2018-04-08 00:29:48
familiar service 04
dat bod, lordy
Admin 2018-04-07 04:10:13
familiar service 03
The prev/next buttons are messed up on the misc comics section. It's confusing because I want the newest page to show up first in the gallery so people can see what's new, sort of the opposite of the other comics. The index page ( seems to be in the correct order though.
2018-04-07 03:52:47
familiar service 03
Are these in reverse order?
2018-04-07 00:15:35
Lighter Chains V5 03
Oh! Now that I know the actual dialog, what I thought it was was actually pretty cute too:
Alison:'s not funny.
Melody: Does your hand not fit back into the bracelet?
Alison: Of course not. It hurts to try.
Melody: Oh my god you tried?! Ahaha!
2018-04-07 00:05:21
Lighter Chains V5 03
In my head I always hear the exclamation in my head in Japanese: "are?" (my first post it stripped out the original kana characters)
2018-04-07 00:04:20
Lighter Chains V5 03
In my head I always hear the exclamation in my head in Japanese: "?"
SilverGRRL 2018-04-05 23:24:50
Lighter Chains V5 03
She so adorable I could just hug her and kiss her to death!!!!

That first panel of Hm Hm Hmmmmm Bath Time is so adorable KAWAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Admin 2018-04-05 21:08:50
familiar service 02
Works on my machines + phone. Google search says it might be a problem with safari, with the fix being to clear the cache.
Admin 2018-04-05 21:07:01
Lighter Chains V5 03
The dialog in the last panel:
Alison: It.. it's not funny
Melody: Does your head fit through the collar?
Alison: Of course not, it hurts to even try
Melody: Oh my god you tried?! Ahaha!
John 2018-04-05 20:01:32
Lighter Chains Profile Mistress
Cadoc 2018-04-05 01:52:11
Lighter Chains V5 03
Ok... That is quite a bit disappointing that I can't read the text that is behind her in the bottom panel.

Apparently it can be read by donators. I didn't mind the time delay but does irk me a bit.
CR 2018-04-04 20:57:33
familiar service 02
the ref to the picture appears to be broken or the image is bad. it's just displaying the little question mark at the center of the picture area.
Samuel L. Catson 2018-04-04 19:35:11
Lighter Chains V5 03
A little 4th wall break... what's she trying to hide?
gnome_man 2018-04-03 04:16:52
familiar service 01
She's quite the hottie.
gnome_man 2018-04-03 04:15:11
familiar service 01
Well, it's an interesting turn-around on things, since the norm is quite different.

Reading between the lines, she wants to be dominated by the demon and is going to keep giving it away to avoid him "losing control".

Interesting idea.
seredin 2018-04-03 02:30:41
Lighter Chains V5 04
Glory to those curves. Mistress surely wouldn't download such excellent political capital on a grunt?
I'm theorycrafting about TG porn, kill me 2018-04-01 02:16:25
Lighter Chains V4 22
In a handful of pages since slave girl transformed, including this one, her eyes have been noticeably purple instead of the normal blue. The hex Mistress placed on her manifested itself as an intense shade of red when it was making physical changes to her body. When her eyes change color, the hex is still making subtle mental changes, helping her normalize heterosexuality and feminine behaviors.

That's not much of a theory, in my opinion. The real theory involves what comes afterward. I think the hex will never truly go away unless Mistress calls it off. It will always be working in the background, perpetually keeping her youthful, beautiful, and, most importantly, fertile. She'll be making half-demon babies for as long as they need her to.
Hype 2018-03-31 21:46:46
Lighter Chains V5 02
I think we all know where this is going. Can't wait to see what she learned from Mistress over the last few months.
gnome_man 2018-03-31 20:57:15
Lighter Chains V5 Alt Cover
Gawd, this chick is hot.
2018-03-29 09:28:18
Lighter Chains V5 02
Is this the same guy from Vol. 3? If so, is it Taurin or Torrin?
2018-03-26 06:59:24
Lighter Chains V5 01
Enough for her to lose the wrist cuffs
2018-03-26 02:18:13
Lighter Chains V5 01
So how much time's passed between the end of vol. 4 and now?
2018-03-23 17:27:27
Lighter Chains V5 01
AW SHIT NIGGA! Hope she has a plan for this... (or not)
2018-03-23 02:38:52
Lighter Chains V5 01
She's gotten sassy. I like it. :D
Blue Eyed Hexe 2018-03-23 00:31:23
Lighter Chains V5 03
I pay for Gold level BECAUSE I enjoy the story so much, as well as the great art.

I'm glad the author continues to follow their own vision, because they have excellent instincts!
Kapuchu 2018-03-22 18:58:58
Lighter Chains V5 01
Yay! Hair is finally starting to get longer! It was one of the things I've been waiting on for a while.
Gizzy 2018-03-22 03:16:23
Lighter Chains V5 03
Don't listen to that guy, the story is as important as the sex scenes and you're doing a good job.
2018-03-22 01:46:42
Lighter Chains V5 03
Why is the text blocked by the character? Seems like its a ploy to get ppl to upgrade to silver... this tacky story is really killing the whole porno vibe.
TG FAN 2018-03-21 23:01:44
Lighter Chains V5 02
I love this series, but i would like to see moments of her questioning her gender. Wondering about if she ever was a man, would she return if given the chance, etc.

Just a suggestion.
CalcSpree 2018-03-21 08:44:57
Blowjob Animation 2
Oh wow!! This animation came up in a web search and I've been browsing your site all night. Your work is amazing! Amazing! So few artists animate their stuff and your animations are so good! The movements, the look, and I just love the giant iron collars and cuffs. The detail you put into the cumshots too... I could go on and on. I've bookmarked your site and I plan to visit often. Thank you!!
Admin 2018-03-21 06:02:59
Samus 06b
>So is new Samus a replicant?

I sort of imagined her as an actress playing Samus in a movie.
Admin 2018-03-21 06:01:31
Lighter Chains V5 00
The tiered pages for patrons have been around for a while, I've just made them easier to navigate to.
Admin 2018-03-21 05:58:18
Lighter Chains V5 02
>Why is her neck ring still so big if she no longer has the wrist bracelets?

This great mystery will be revealed via flashback on the next page.

>And, don't women of her world change their clothes every day?

Well, he probably meant "how often you get a new outfit" or something to that effect.
gnome_man 2018-03-21 00:49:26
Lighter Chains V5 02
Here she is, flirting with him like she was always a woman. And she's so good at it, too!

Why is her neck ring still so big if she no longer has the wrist bracelets?

And, don't women of her world change their clothes every day?
gnome_man 2018-03-21 00:33:56
Lighter Chains V5 01
I love the motion effects. She is so cute!
Random 2018-03-20 07:03:41
fan lfA9Jda
Can you draw animation of me turning into woman,please?
Random 2018-03-20 06:18:46
Samus 06b
So is new Samus a replicant?
2018-03-16 20:38:57
Lighter Chains V5 00
He's almost certainly aware, but too poor (or possibly cheap) to do it himself, thus why he's encouraging others to donate.
Tath 2018-03-16 18:32:34
Lighter Chains V5 00 Dionysus, check this link if you want to donate.
Dionysus 2018-03-15 22:25:48
Lighter Chains V5 00
I WISH that I could donate to you, because your work is absolutely fantastic! Please keep up the amazing work! To everyone else: If you can donate, then do so. Great work like this needs to be recognized.
Broke and curious 2018-03-15 01:02:20
Lighter Chains V5 00
New stuff!? Tiered pages? You've been busy haven't you
Raelyn 2018-03-12 03:06:23
Lighter Chains V4 29
I felt like I had to chime in to counter balance the criticism I saw. These latest pages are steaming, with your use of colors, sweat, body language, I can really feel the heat from each panel. It's gorgeous, please keep it up!