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me 2020-05-07 05:55:572 ♡
The slave doesn't get to decide. Now bend over
@me 2020-05-07 15:13:200 ♡
I think this is the artist way of saying "STOP FUCKING ASKING" because they don't want to draw/animate anal
2020-05-13 15:06:151 ♡
Letter to Mistress just became the best spinoff...
UwU 2020-05-19 07:19:442 ♡
Is it weird that turns me on way too much
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-01-20 00:03:230 ♡
Oh, Allison, methinks that you doth protest too much -- and, by the way, you forget that your role as succubus means that you have no say in the matter. If your partner craves anal action from you, then your powerless to deny them the satisfaction and will be compelled to fulfill their desires, whether you want to or not