Dark Altar 17

seredin 2017-09-14 01:59:03
These look like especially challenging poses to get right. Love the no nonsense theme of this comic.
thallyb 2017-09-27 22:30:09
i hope to god this will turn into pregnancy, maybe we can get the preghan viewers on this underappreciated site!
2017-09-28 11:58:21
So, 2 more updates and then no more? Kinda looking forward to finding out what the next set of images will be. Really hope Lighter Chains 5 is in the near future.
Theorist 2017-09-29 03:46:50
Pretty sure we just saw the conception of the Mistress. That about right?
xBlue. 2017-09-30 03:09:30
He is totally breeding her.