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Aldrus 2017-09-30 21:58:170 ♡
aww, its all messy, who is gonna clean this up?
gnome_man 2017-10-01 07:20:280 ♡
Well. the two of them are down in the bottom of a hole. I'd think that she'll have to deal with that, unless, of course, he does.

On the other hand, maybe somebody will enter their little hide-away the same way he did. There didn't seem to be any place to cook, so I think he'll be leaving soon.

Does it seem like the purple glow of her shackles and her eyes seem like it's diminished to anyone else?

He didn't look so awfully large that a woman would automatically reject him. Why did they take an enemy woman and force her to do this? Why an enemy? Is she an enemy? The shackles would strongly suggest that she doesn't want to be there. Are they going to send her back with some kind of a mystical virus weapon?

That is a lot of sperm, and it looks a little odd. Why use someone who would otherwise refuse?

They don't want the big guy (demon?) to get loose. They want to keep the woman - a sorceress, if the tattoos are any indication - under control. She is bait of some project, and the project required a witchy woman. Maybe the child that could be growing on her requires that witchieness to properly develop.

Lots of interesting questions. I'd still like to look in on Alison.

Wouldn't it be terrific way to acquire a spy? Put them through a sex-change and then tell them that they could get changed back if they were a good girl. Or boy.
2017-10-01 08:55:500 ♡
>purple glow

If you look, you can see the purple crap floating off of and vanish from the shackles. Whatever purpose they were needed for has been completed upon this dark "altar."
Speculation 2017-10-02 13:47:090 ♡
I would suspect that the shackles had a bit to do with our captives arousal-considering she seemed to reciprocate far to easily (and it matched the glow of the demon) and her eyes shared the glow-I would wager the fellows whom threw her in have a pact with the demon for ill gain... Perhaps I'm reading a bit into this, but like many others I fantasize a story for this snippet of time in these people's lives