Cheer 01
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Tay Pixie 2021-08-23 10:49:14
Oooooo... looks like that player got more than he signed up for.
2021-08-28 19:37:56
No more sports for him! Looks like it's Pom-Pom's and Panties from now on! ^_^
2022-03-03 04:15:16
Excited for this!
Dingleberry Blonde 2022-03-03 23:01:26
Methinks that this one's willfulness needs to be tamed out of "her" by being immediately introduced to the entire active roster all the way from the starting quarterback down to the placekick holder and made to suck each of their cocks and familiarize herself, intimately, with the unique idiosyncrasies of each player's manhoods so that she learns how to become a champion cock whisperer!!
Tay Pixie 2022-03-05 06:03:33
I think that this one would be good to tuck away as a stand-alone story for a rainy day down the line. A great Quarterback to Cheerleader TG story. Just too many fun possibilities to go from in this one! ^_^
2022-03-05 07:58:19
Damn maybe just a random defensive backer :D. Though anyone would work with hot gym lady dominating you.
Anonymous 2022-04-16 07:36:23
I really really hope we get a few follow up on this one, this could be a really fun premise
Anonymous 2022-04-16 07:39:14
Think about it, jock goes from being the tall stud and then goes into the shower, turns it on and the magic water washes his old body away and shapes it into a little pretty cheerleader body, then the guys around all get to have fun with her and throw her around