Elaine 2011-08-30 13:00:160 ♡
oh that's me in my 4" heels, love them!!
Elaine 2011-08-29 19:26:500 ♡
that should be me!!!
Elaine 2011-08-29 19:25:420 ♡
mmmm, nice
Elaine 2011-08-29 14:21:410 ♡
Oh yes excellent work, the way the cum shoots into her mouth!
Elaine 2011-08-29 13:40:231 ♡
GG that's two of us!!!!
Elaine 2011-08-29 13:35:551 ♡
I was trained well in becoming a good cock-sucker, mmmmmm
Elaine 2011-08-29 13:33:560 ♡
Oh yes, it's all over, no more male for me all female, and love being a blonde
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:39:570 ♡
Well hon, they already did it to me, some one knew of my dreams and now their making them come true
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:37:010 ♡
Wow, they keep publishing my pictures, they did a number on me, they know blondes, love cock so they made me into one!!
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:34:360 ♡
OMG, that's me sucking on her cock, they changed my body!!!
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:31:200 ♡
They did a great job on me, I wanted to be a red head but had no say as they transformed me into a gurl. Now I'm a female. slave
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:28:230 ♡
Yes, that is me, I was male, now a female sucking cock!!!
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:26:460 ♡
Oh that's me being transformed into a cock-sucker!!!
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:21:280 ♡
Oh yes Carol your so right, isen't he/she so pretty??
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:20:050 ♡
he/she looks like he/she is enjoying her duties
Elaine 2011-08-28 20:18:290 ♡
yes, it's so nice to see them transformed in to cock sucking gurls