Darkfox 2012-10-21 19:42:361 ♡
She's so cute in the bottom panel. I must admit, that's one of the first things I'd do, too.
Darkfox 2012-10-21 19:33:381 ♡
Wow! That is a hot body, I'm jealous
Darkfox 2011-06-22 02:02:291 ♡
I agree. Make a sequel. It can't end here :O
Darkfox 2011-06-22 02:01:471 ♡

This is a really good one.. kinda gay that he sucked another guy's cock, but this is very intriguing. :)
Darkfox 2011-06-21 00:50:190 ♡
"Oh wow, it worked! I really transformed into Britney! I'm a girl now too! uh oh, I didn't think this through.. wait a second.. If I'm Britney, then.. oh no"

[hears a male scream from across the street]
Darkfox 2011-06-21 00:43:180 ♡
Wait a second.. wasn't I just GETTING a blowjob? Why is there a dick in my mouth all of a sudden and--- mmm. It tastes good. Hey, this guy looks a lot like me.
What is this feeling between my legs? Ooo, I'm feeling giddy all of a sudden ;D
Darkfox 2011-06-20 18:03:540 ♡
Well, look where I've ended up. Such euphoria, too bad I'm in my mom's body. I went back in time, and unwittingly danced with her at a club. Little did I know, she had a potion that she intended on using that night, and meeting my father stopped her somehow.. instead, however, we swapped bodies into one another, and long before I figured out who I had swapped with, this man had seduced me.

Trust me hon, he is good at what he does. ;)
Darkfox 2011-06-20 18:00:000 ♡
[Looks down at body, with arms crossed behind my head]

I don't know how this happened, or why, but after this woman.. whoever I've become, gets out of the hospital, and I get over this weird cough which obviously put me-- er, her here, I'm going to have a ton of fun.

I can wait to uh.. test out my new body ;)
Darkfox 2011-06-20 17:58:240 ♡
When Maria used the Medallion of Zulo to swap our bodies, the changed from my male genitalia to female stimulated me in such a way that I orgasmed. Now I'm laying here on the floor, barely able to think..

This is ecstasy.
Darkfox 2011-06-20 17:51:020 ♡
Hmph! Oh.. wasn't I just watching tv? I must have dozed off.. but I'm standing up. I feel really strange. Whoa, there is a weight on my chest.. and a-- bra strap? OMG! I'm a girl!
And a good looking one at that! Wait a second, I'm in a waiting room, and I am... Victoria??
Wait a second, when I said I wanted to get into her pants, this isn't what I meant.. kind of a turn on though. Hey.. I'm getting wet. Bladder problems or.. oh shit, I have a female anatomy now.

Well, no use making an issue of it. Might as well enjoy it ;)
Darkfox 2011-06-18 23:56:451 ♡
Fantastic body, love the face too <3
I wouldn't mind being her for a while.
Darkfox 2011-06-18 23:51:370 ♡
What's funnier, is if that the man was the other "guy's" former cousin, but now he has somehow changed into his cousin's girlfriend :)
Darkfox 2011-06-18 23:48:510 ♡
I like to imagine that at the start of it, something happens between her lips and his cock to make them switch minds ;)