Tay Pixie 2021-03-07 18:19:59
Path of the Genie 42
Wow. This scene it's just like "Welcome to your new life!" lol.
Tay Pixie 2021-03-01 04:42:08
Path of the Genie 36
I mean, it's kind of the trademark of the artist. It's so cliche at this point but I'll say it: God... I wish I were her...
Tay Pixie 2021-02-28 15:16:33
Path of the Genie 36
Whoa.... that butt....
Tay Pixie 2021-02-14 19:43:21
Path of the Genie 33
Also, I know she's about to get longer hair (if your hints on the Images page are what I'm thinking) but I really love the cute short hair she has. It really emphasizes her cute face, big eyes, and big... well, everything else.
Tay Pixie 2021-02-14 19:39:54
Path of the Genie 33
The best part of all of this, as is with all of this lovely artist's work, is you know she is going to end up SO happy. The changes are always forced, and there's always a little fun resistance but every "victim" finds their place, and they never want to leave. Bravo!
Tay Pixie 2021-02-13 15:56:29
Path of the Genie 32
Shes going to LOVE her new life, Im sure. She just doesnt know it yet lol.
Tay Pixie 2021-02-13 15:51:23
Path of the Genie 32
Oh my! Thats so lovely! What a lucky girl! <3 <3
Tay Pixie 2021-02-13 04:27:09
Path of the Genie 31
So T H I C C! <3
Tay Pixie 2021-02-13 04:18:39
Path of the Genie 31
Wow, what a feeling! I wish I was her! Hehe.
Tay Pixie 2021-02-05 01:30:15
Lighter Chains 06
Dear Mistress,

Could you please do to use through our screens what you're doing to this guy here?

A fan of your work!
Tay Pixie 2021-02-05 01:27:52
volup5 scaledC
Damn! She T H I C C! <3 <3
Tay Pixie 2020-12-22 03:24:00
Path of the Genie 22
Oh my god! So cute! She's gonna be such a hottie!
Tay Pixie 2020-05-29 02:01:44
This animation is amazing in every way, but even years later the explosive ass transformation just blows my damn mind. Amazing perfection!
Tay Pixie 2019-08-10 05:53:01
Lighter Chains V6 04
I-I'm speaking too much lol. This is as amazing as it possibly could be!
Tay Pixie 2019-08-10 05:51:32
Lighter Chains V6 04
TL;DR: Perhaps a good spanking scene is in order, yes? lol
Tay Pixie 2019-08-10 05:48:28
Lighter Chains V6 04
You know, she's always gotten some attention on at least all of her assets. Her face, her tits, and I personally love her little feet. But her butt... her ass. She forgot how "sorely neglected" her breasts had been. I think dat ass needs more attention too.
Tay Pixie 2018-07-14 22:10:04
Lighter Chains V5 18
Yes! Footrubs are the ultimate foreplay!
Tay Pixie 2017-12-04 06:32:28
Lighter Chains V4 18
Aww.. poor allison. That girl deserves a pedicure and a footrub. She's been through a lot I'd say. She needs some relaxing pampering. She very much deserves it.

Speaking of which, are you in any way interested in doing some close up images emphasizing Allison's feet? I'd gladly commission me them if you are.
Tay Pixie 2016-12-27 03:51:26
shoes 01
She has nice feet! They really compliment her petite frame. Heels are an awesome idea for her. Great work!