Floopy Floink 2014-11-29 23:47:15
I like how the ruler is ribbed --for her pleasure. ;)
Floopy Floink 2014-05-31 07:00:50
Slave Girl TF 1
Fantastic work, as always, and I especially like this one.

Just curious... since this particular blonde, as tagged, is a recurring character in these sketches and vignettes, several of them gender swaps, I wonder how you basically picture him/her when you devise these.

Is the guy someone who willingly wants the sex-change for himself, but maybe gets more then he bargained for after it happens (basically, "be careful what you wish for")... or, is he someone who has been tricked/forced into changing into a sexy little female form against his will, and now as a sex-slave, quickly has to learn to love it (or finds himself adapting to his new role quickly)?
Floopy Floink 2013-04-04 17:51:55
Slave Girl Squeeze
Exceptional, as usual! Excellent malleable mammaries, facial expression and lighting.
Floopy Floink 2013-04-04 17:48:06
Slave Girl Short
Very nice! Is the male figure in this picture the same character as your recurring tall female with the horns, from other illustrations, who's transformed herself into a big dominant man here, to ravish the male-turned-female subby slave?

If so, that's my #1 one sexual fantasy; to have a sexy, beautiful woman impose a magic-based TG transformational swap with me, trading sexes, sizes and gender roles... and then, as a handsome and powerful hunk, completely owning me, an incredibly cute and feminine little curvaceous hottie, in the bedroom. So totally hot!