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Jade 2021-05-23 21:09:220 ♡
Uh oh
Mango 2021-05-23 21:12:480 ♡
Again?! Poor Anomia, can't catch a break
Tay Pixie 2021-05-23 21:24:040 ♡
Oh god... the story is so lovely... please.. let the entire population be turned into women, or something haha. I can't wait.
2021-05-23 21:26:231 ♡
Is Genie about to swap places with our hero(ine)??
justlea 2021-05-23 22:26:120 ♡
That look on the genie... I root for the poor transformed girl/boy
MadMaxHeadroom 2021-05-23 22:45:020 ♡
See if this were me I would be saying "oh no! do you have to leave me in this gorgeous, super-sensitive/horny body? *wink* *wink* I hope there are no side effects... like being stuck in this form forever... perhaps with a tentacle monster companion maybe...?"
polonius 2021-05-24 02:00:190 ♡
Time to cover up the evidence (looks like someone's in for another head scrambling...)
SethAndStef 2021-10-05 00:00:300 ♡
I can't tell if you're making this up as you go along or if you planned all this nonsense from the beginning.
e 2021-10-05 01:57:430 ♡
when ur not subbed on patreon so ur left on this epic cliffhanger
me 2021-10-06 03:46:130 ♡
Time to change that transformed girl into a genie.