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Tay Pixie 2021-02-14 19:39:540 ♡
The best part of all of this, as is with all of this lovely artist's work, is you know she is going to end up SO happy. The changes are always forced, and there's always a little fun resistance but every "victim" finds their place, and they never want to leave. Bravo!
Tay Pixie 2021-02-14 19:43:210 ♡
Also, I know she's about to get longer hair (if your hints on the Images page are what I'm thinking) but I really love the cute short hair she has. It really emphasizes her cute face, big eyes, and big... well, everything else.
2021-02-14 21:34:140 ♡
I think its really interesting how this second take has iterated on the first. The outfits ever so slightly different, who knows what else will be different this time.
Mango 2021-02-15 03:47:470 ♡
This story reminds me a lot of that old sailor joke about the guy in the barrel. Great work!
2021-02-15 20:57:300 ♡
First he turns into the girl he just had sex with, then he becomes the genie somehow.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-03-22 22:46:300 ♡
This protagonist's predicament gets better and better (er, worse and worse, I mean) -- the changes that they're going thrru are happening too quickly for them to swallow the gravity of it all, but it looks like they'll soon have to learn how to swallow what's coming their way very soon!!