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Madeline Delacour 2016-08-22 23:38:052 ♡
Awwww... all blissed out, cradled by her Mistress... I think somebody just took the first steps to surrender and doesn't know... and doesn't care ;-) Love both their expressions in the last panel. Nicely done :-)
Lol 2016-09-03 20:25:351 ♡
I like that mistress is looking up like she's reading her own dialogue or slave girls narrative
gnome_man 2016-09-04 05:50:242 ♡
Wow! The expressions you put on these people's faces. Fantastic! Allison just blew her own mind, but I can see that she's getting ready for round two. Those eyes are just a little too open, I think. Maybe it's Allison's mouth. Maybe the dialogue.
2016-09-11 22:50:250 ♡
Lurker 2016-09-12 20:25:221 ♡
Not just "mistress" but "my mistress" -- she already accepts it.