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Madeline Delacour 2016-08-15 00:39:131 ♡
I love how Mistress Vallochar is holding Allison to her... which lets her share the pleasure to some extent, and even as she cries out her joy, shows Allison her place and that she's only having this moment of joy because she's being allowed to ;-) Love Allison's expression by the way... talk about over the top orgasm :D
2016-08-28 17:15:211 ♡
Visually I like how much drama is being generated by all the effects added on the art like the motion blur, light blooms, and color filters. Most artists would shy away from distorting their underlying art so much but you really embrace it. It gives you a very distinctive style.
Person 2016-08-29 01:03:460 ♡
What is the stuff coming from her butt on the top frame?
@person 2016-08-29 03:21:260 ♡
Pretty sure that's just part of mistresses chair with the same/similar coloring blurred by distortion
gnome_man 2016-08-29 21:56:060 ♡
This is some really great art. Excellent story, too. Are you going to get beyond the strictly sensual in this story? "Allison" is some kind of soldier - a mercenary - and has been captured by "Demons." They don't seem all that demonic. The general concept of a demon is nothing but black and white. No possibility of being less than purely, completely evil. Vallochar and the other demon seemed to be a lot like ordinary people, not at all pure evil. Are you going to show any other aspects of the Demons' society? If Allison was a soldier, she probably knows something of empty-handed fighting, of the other mercenaries and what they are doing. Is Mistress Vallochar going to interrogate her? That could be ~interesting~ There's a lot about Vallochar's people that could be really interesting. I'd really like to see more than just the inside of her Mistress's house, but even that is really good.
Admin 2016-09-13 16:23:380 ♡
>They don't seem all that demonic
Demons get a bit of a bad rap. Tales of their monstrous appearance have been greatly exaggerated - in fact our hero/ine commented on this in the first few pages. Although... Mistress is a half breed (like most in their society), and we haven't met any full demons.

>purely, completely evil
People who set out to be evil for evil's sake are rare - most people have some motivation and don't think of themselves as evil.
Admin 2016-09-13 16:25:260 ♡
Conceptually, I have two different ideas of what a demon is. First is the lord of a particular domain - a manifestation of a particular aspect of nature or human behavior. Any "evil" qualities they exhibit would be the result of valuing this one aspect at the expense of others. The second concept is more of a general provacateur - a mischief maker or facilitator of human temptation and folly. These two concepts tend to overlap and blur together.

The traditional "satan" character has two aspects - tempting people to sin and remorseless judgement when they give in to temptation. Externally the combination might seem evil but it is easily justified by the person doing it, much like a con-man who will blame his marks for being gullible.
Admin 2016-09-13 16:25:430 ♡
In the first chapter Mistress talked about turning people into monsters for use as weapons - arguably evil activity - but she justifies it as simply unleashing the beast that was already inside them.

Mistress is a provacateur for sure. She has that temptation and manipulation style. She likes to see her victims stumble down the mental steps to submission and she has no qualms about pushing them if necessary because she thinks they'll be happier once they learn to serve properly. She smiles with the satisfaction of being right, not the thrill of conquest.

At least, that's what she would say.
Admin 2016-09-13 16:29:190 ♡
>show any other aspects of the Demons' society
I feel like most people are probably here for sexy time rather than politics, and things are slow enough as it is. It's the sort of thing I'd like to hint at rather than dive into.