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BMO 2021-07-07 03:40:122 ♡
I'd like to imagine this was her first and last escape attempt.
Sign @ The X 2022-02-05 23:53:273 ♡
Now, as her pre-forced transition male self, Allison was no pip squeak -- a respectably-built merc who could handle himself in most conflict situations, but even with that extra body mass lost to that aforementioned transition (some fraction of which gained back in the shaping of Allison's ultra-feminine figure as showcased by those top-heavy tatas, that tiny waist that slopes out to those wide hips, and that comely booty she now sports) he'd still have been well-outsized when compared to the physiques of the male demons (like Torin) of this otherworldly realm.

In her pre-transition form, Allison might've had a slim chance regarding any escape attempt, but there'd be absolutely no hope for her in this one, and I think that she'd quickly forget why she was there in the first place and become overwhelmed by newfound feminine desire (perhaps influenced by that initiate's collar she's wearing) to grapple with this male demon in a much different way than her former male self would have!!