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Jeff 2010-08-07 23:29:260 ♡
Wow, this is a wonderful animation! The girl-on-girl movement is near perfect as far as I'm concerned. There are a number of little touches that I appreciate in this animation as well. For example, I really like how the girl is grabbing the sheets with her hands. The way her breasts subtly press in the bed is really nice too. The way you draw the female form is just wonderful: curvy in all the right places without going overboard.
Littledude 2010-08-13 13:28:160 ♡
I needs to show a line for a strap-on even though I've no problem watching porn with a guy in it when I want lesbians I don't want trannys.
2010-08-13 14:11:540 ♡
Feeldoe. Google it.
sub_boy 2010-08-16 18:48:530 ♡
I love how powerfully the top girls fucks :)
There is nothing sexier than when a dom asserts his/hers dominance by topping the bottom doggy-style.
Anally has extra kink value for me, since it's ALL about dominance and not reproduction.
I must admit I would love to see a version where a man is the top, like in your Coercion-Face-Down.gif which I find extremely arousing.
Especially when I imagine myself being the girl :P
Anex 2010-08-19 03:39:320 ♡
I really love this one. She looks very female and that is what makes it so hot in my opinion. Her facial expression while she is trusting ist just plain hot and the whole movement is very luscious. Awesome work, would love to have more like this.
2010-10-06 07:32:540 ♡
this is how i want it i wish and want to be a real girl and to then have another girl make love and to fuck me girl on girl oh pleae i want to be a girl and to be lesbian!
Miss Terri 2011-02-25 11:12:460 ♡
The girl on the bed was the husband before his wife persuaded him to let her magically change him into a woman. Now she won't change him back and has given herself a penis so she can do the penetrating from now on.
GG 2011-05-04 10:16:360 ♡
The girl on the bed was me... I wish!
X 2011-07-23 22:09:241 ♡
I love it. Can you share your thoughts in creating this wonderful art.
Jim W III 2011-10-20 19:37:540 ♡
Damn, I want to be done by a ts so bad right now...
Horny Teen 2013-04-01 14:38:140 ♡
The one on top is not a girl. She has a real penis and real breasts, but no vagina. She is in the middle of transforming m2f while having sex with his/her wife/girlfriend. Ahh my sweet imagination.
2014-02-23 02:40:220 ♡
someone is using this image in an advertisement, thought you would like to know. the link is
Admin 2014-02-23 16:21:410 ♡
I guess I've hit the big time. What bothers me the most is the incorrect aspect ratio.