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seredin 2018-02-11 00:43:16
I love your work admin-sama. I think this is the end for a bit but you do you and take your time if need be. We'll be here.
Bakhan 2018-02-27 19:14:53
I really like this series, you can definitely tell her progress is accelerating fast, I love that, but I'm also afraid that might mean the end of the story is near :(
Clare 2018-03-04 20:53:11
This awesome story is by far the best series like this I've ever enjoyed. The artistry is incredible and the story's premise and timeline are so enticingly erogenous. The personalities of the antagonist and protagonist are very well done. They carry the story. What is your imagery medium please? You have produced some masterful work that is such a wonderful stage for the tale.
Thank you.
2018-03-08 09:35:05
tfw we'll never find out what that big day tomorrow was about
2018-07-19 22:39:24
I just discover this story - and your work, it's so amazing !!! I hope this one will continue, that story has a lot of potential.

Thanks you !!