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Anon 2013-11-10 14:53:301 ♡
You should collaborate with an author on a series of stories set in your universe. These pics say 1000 words, but I want to hear the words.

"What...what is this? Take it off!"
Admin 2013-11-10 17:57:370 ♡
I have stories written out, it's just a matter of justifying the time to put them together into comics.
Fermaguel 2013-11-10 20:34:070 ♡
is the fact that well love you, and it'd be a waste to have them written out if they arent used, good enough?
KT 2013-11-14 01:19:240 ♡
Let me go ahead and second the love. Pleeeease do this!
Anon 2014-03-19 22:00:460 ♡
There will be lurve
X 2014-11-11 00:54:270 ♡
Yes please add the text, one of us could do the editing. It'd be fun.

She's got it on her neck, but what will she need to do to earn a thinner lighter collar?
Admin 2014-11-11 07:43:260 ♡
A similar scene, with her thoughts included, occurs on page 18 of the 'Lighter Chains' comic.
Sign @ The X 2020-07-01 14:11:540 ♡
In this frame, it kinda looks like Allison just came-to out of a trance, thinking that the forced gender-swap and resulting sexual enslavement conditioning she went thru had all been just a very vivid and elaborate nightmare only to discover that her nightmare was real, all that she had experienced had really happened and that her ordeal was far from over and would likely never be over!