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Random 2014-08-04 21:53:360 ♡
I feel a nice comic with this girl comming soon :)
2014-08-05 18:30:301 ♡
So effing cute. She's becoming my new favorite.
2014-08-06 22:32:331 ♡
I love how the insignia leaves so little doubt as to her main purpose. From her body language, it seems like she may warm up to "raising crew morale" in ways she hadn't expected. I'd love to see her explore and embrace her new role.
Random 2014-08-06 22:46:111 ♡
Also, i wonder... Have his company, which made him end up in a wrong body, had to install additional software to make him more feminine, so he could give better leisure time, or he got adapted to his new body on himself?
2014-08-07 05:42:541 ♡
The first in the series referred to resolving a compatibility issue. May have had something to do with sexuality and or gender identity.
Random 2014-08-07 08:11:590 ♡
I don't think so. He was really upset finding out that he ended up in a wrong body. I think his company made a switch so he could "entertain" the crew on long travels. Since he's a cyborg now, they could easy install programs to make him more feminine and willing to fuck his crew. That's my theory at least...