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Path of the Genie 52

Since she's obviously so hungry for dick, why shouldn't he just take it easy and let her show him how much she wants it and what she'll do to get it?
Sign @ The X: 2021-02-19 23:40:39
TieRemix 02
This is an odd comment to make, I know, but the interesting thing about this pic for me is the mystery as to why she (the sub in the process of being bound by the muscular ram-girl) has one sock on one foot but not on the other?...
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Letters to Mistress 03

I like where this is going -- keep up the good work on this novel concept!
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Dark Altar 14
I love how she looks like she's literally, not just figuratively, getting her brains fucked out!!!
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Dark Altar 11
To the hilt -- fuck yeah!!!
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Office 11
I love how she's still recovering from the experience of a load of his cum exploding in her mouth, not giving her enough time to regain composure and dignity and clean her face which still has cum smeared across her mouth and chin when he forcefully lifts her to throw her across the room like a rag doll where she conveniently (for him -- and maybe her too) lands sprawled across the glass desk in prone position, legs akimbo stretching the hem of her mini skirt up over her hips, her pantied crotch exposed for his easy access as he approaches close behind her ready to see if she can take dicktation and how good she is at performing this vital office work task!