EX**** 2014-02-07 06:17:32
Stupendous. Your animation style is amazing. It has a sort of fluidity that I don't see in TG animations. It looks, in a hypothetical universe where the occurrence is plausible, natural, and organic in a sense. I would love to see more. You have a talent for this that uncommon, if not rare. It is, in effect, how I imagine a TG taking place. Also, as a comment on an earlier comment, a cloths transformation really is a waste of time, unless it is some sort of Dimensional bending TG where the rest of the world doesn't even realize what happened and 'Oh Bobbie was always a girl' but those TG's always feel strange to me. It seems like a cop out for the world to suddenly bend around the person rather than the person have a realistically hard landing into a new life. and... egad I ramble.