SatinMinions Sweater Dress
Evening WearPin-Up
A girl in a sweater-dress.
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2010-10-06 12:17:430 ♡
i am suzy ann now and i am a good little girl for you so please plaes me and right now i ma so horny for you sister!i want to be lesbina for you forever please let us begin! i am so ready to be just another girl at last and why not it was so meant to be! i have always been a girl inside and now well it is real outside as well i am a girl!
Bob 2012-10-22 03:57:071 ♡
This is a favorite. I wish I had a model like her.
FunnyJoe 2013-05-09 23:19:101 ♡
This is so awesome. My favorite by far. She is so beautiful. No words can describe her.