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Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-01-31 04:43:140 ♡
Q&A @ the Admin:

Wow, just days ago I requested an AI remix of the parent version of this image. Did you do this bc of that request, or was this already in the works prior to my leaving that comment on the original parent image?
Admin 2023-01-31 19:33:393 ♡
I had done it partially before so I knew it would work well with this image, but I finished it in high res just for you.
SF 2023-02-03 11:02:502 ♡
had it done partially? what is the workflow for AI pieces, I thought it was a kind of put a piece in and get a piece out lol
Admin 2023-02-03 18:22:434 ♡
The first step is to dial in the prompt and settings. I test different models and denoising strengths to see what looks good. Sometimes it has trouble understanding a pose until you give it the right prompt. In this case it understood it fairly well, but specifying hands_on_hips, short_sleeves, and pencil_skirt helped.

Once it starts looking good, I generate a bunch of images with the those settings. Then I piece together the good ones in photoshop and do a little retouching. It's rare for one image to have good everything so I'll take the face from one, the body from another, etc. The hands are usually messed up and have to have parts redrawn.

Then I export the composite image and upscale it 3x. Then I'll do AI inpainting on key parts to high-res-ify them. In this case, her face, her boobs, and her waist. I tried her skirt a couple times but I ended up keeping the original.

The main thing for this one is that I knew it would work since I had already done the prompt testing part at low resolution on my old video card. In general a simple pinup pose like this is easy since there is lots of training data for it. I have yet to get good results on unusual angles like this or first person shots.

It is possible to just run an image through and get pretty good results. But if you want a high res output where you struggle to find flaws, more work is required. Here is the raw output for this image:
Admin 2023-02-03 18:29:502 ♡
Writing all that makes it seem like some huge process. It's way easier than drawing something. But a breakdown of the drawing process is like:

Draw some lines. Color 'em in.

The main bottleneck for AI is the time it takes to generate images. If my computer was infinitely fast, it would only take minutes. As it is now I usually queue up a batch to run when I'm afk, which isn't often.
SF 2023-02-03 23:01:570 ♡
ah that's really interesting, I never thought it would be a composite image at all :O
Moike 2023-06-19 01:45:231 ♡
This has come out beautifully. The original was the first piece I saw from here, it caught my eye because she looks exactly like a teacher I had.(outfit, hair, everything) Completely a coincidence, but the original gave me respect to the artist, and the style developing over time has been fun to watch. ty