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2015-04-07 20:50:061 ♡
Works quite well here.

window.requestAnimationFrame() can play more nicely with others (e.g. maybe stopping when the window doesn't have focus, delaying when the CPU is overloaded and maybe other niceties that vary by browser) than setTimeout on modern browsers, at the cost of having to track time yourself.

function init() {
for( ...) {
var frameState = {idx: i, start: null, nextFrame: null}

function processOverlay(timestamp) {
var idx = this.idx;
if (!this.start) { this.start = timestamp; this.nextFrame = timestamp }

if (this.nextFrame > timestamp)
// Nothing to do this time.


if (done)
this.nextFrame = tempFrameTime + timestamp
Admin 2015-04-08 16:01:301 ♡
Thanks! I was looking for something like that so I could improve the timing of sub animations. I have updated the code so now the blinking in panel 3 happens on its own timescale. I also added support for multiple sub animations and opacity changes, which I used to add random blushing to panel 3.
Ether101 2015-05-13 16:05:471 ♡
Have you thought about doing one with Sheik?
Admin 2015-05-13 17:49:021 ♡
>Have you thought about doing one with Sheik?

Sheik is already gender-swapped (disguised?) princess Zelda, so now we're swapping her back? Or keeping him male? Is he/she the top or bottom? I'm gonna need a flowchart here.
Ether101 2015-05-13 18:08:101 ♡
I meant having male Sheik interact with female Link.
Interest 2015-12-14 18:19:271 ♡
Whomever did the first post, are you interested in teaching programming? Also, I like the idea of shiek coersing linkett into doing many things
2015-12-14 21:06:341 ♡
Is this animated? 'Cause it isn't animating for me. I'm using firefox 34.0.5.
Admin 2015-12-14 22:39:181 ♡
Javascript is required. Also the latest version of firefox is 42.0, so you should probably update.
Bert 2016-05-15 18:28:051 ♡
I'm curious:
Is a script like this superior to an animated format like gif, or is this just a fancy gimmick?
Admin 2016-05-15 22:57:230 ♡
The blink track, randomized speed/depth changes, and blushing overlay in the third panel can't be done with a simple animated gif.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-09-21 09:25:311 ♡
@Admin: I can't wait to see gender-swapped Link getting skull-fucked like this in a full-color comic version of this scene and hope you can get around to making it happen!!