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z3r0w1n6 2018-11-23 20:07:234 ♡
Very nice! It's always cool to see the thought process for artists and their works.
SkyeBlue 2019-12-26 05:32:033 ♡
I like the behind the scenes too!
k48 2024-03-17 22:09:330 ♡
Hi Admin - I signed up for a years access in Dec 23 but my profile has been downgraded to free. Can you help?
Admin 2024-03-17 22:41:230 ♡
When I attempt to view your profile on patreon, it says "This page has been removed.", and I don't see you in my list of patrons if I search for your email. Can you verify that your patreon account still exists?
k48 2024-03-18 21:18:270 ♡
That will be it. Account no longer seems to exist for some reason. Ill try and resolve with Patreon. Thanks.