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Admin 2024-02-11 04:58:399 ♡
Fellow TG artist Surody is conducting an animation contest and this is a work-in-progress of my entry. The contest ends March 8th, so this'll be my main project until then.
Yepa 2024-02-11 06:01:022 ♡
Fuck, yes! This looks like it'll be fantastic!!!
GNprime 2024-02-11 06:31:262 ♡
Can't wait to see the end result!
Sofia Silksoles 2024-02-11 22:40:092 ♡
I have a feeling a new standard is going to be set with this one!
jlv61560 2024-02-12 01:15:422 ♡
Very much looking forward to the finished product!
Dink 2024-02-12 20:28:135 ♡
It already looks so good, I have a feeling it will be even more superb when it's done.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-03-24 22:16:452 ♡
I love that menacingly beastly snarl of the unseen demon lurking in the shadows, perhaps themself taking shape as the conjuring ceremony draws them forth into our hapless protagonist's realm!!

I also love the bone and joint-cracking sounds indicating the physical discomfort and pain and psychological shock that they're experiencing as their body rather violently changes gender against their will, preparing them for the deflowering that they're about to experience/endure, completely and utterly powerless to resist the carnal lust of the demon to whom they're about to be sexually sacrificed to!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-03-24 22:25:022 ♡
...and also love hearing the pitch of their voice change to a definitely feminine one from one that sounds immature male!! Them hearing their voice so drastically change so quickly must come as an additional psychological shock to their sense of self-identity on top of the trauma that they're experiencing from their physical transformation!!