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Admin 2024-02-28 00:50:107 ♡
I've completed the coloring and shading for whole animation, just a bit of refinement left to do.
jlv61560 2024-02-28 06:50:361 ♡
Very impressive!
Dink 2024-02-28 09:53:502 ♡
The expression is top notch.
Tiger_Driver91 2024-02-28 13:30:133 ♡
The expression is great but the body transformation looks like it's gonna be wild.
Yepa 2024-03-04 18:32:433 ♡
This looks great, we're rooting for you! Will you be able to show the animation on Friday or does Surody want everyone to hold off until they've declared the winners?
Admin 2024-03-08 02:22:273 ♡
Everything is being kept under wraps until winners are announced. The judges have until the 15th to review, then some kind of live stream will be scheduled to show everything.
Yepa 2024-03-17 00:00:343 ♡
Surody posted the announcement!

Sunday, March 24th at 8PM CET streaming on an undecided platform (probably Picarto). I'm pretty excited, we'll be presented 12 new genderbend transformations on the same day :)
Admin 2024-03-19 01:56:183 ♡
Surody posted a trailer:

Also here if you don't have a twitter account:

You can see a brief clip of my entry at 0:30, nicely timed to the music.
Cadoc 2024-03-23 21:42:042 ♡
Man am I glad this became public, because I looked and saw the info about the contest and it's results being revealed tomorrow! So psyched!
jlv61560 2024-03-24 00:05:011 ♡
Wishing you the best of luck, Satin!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-03-24 13:50:211 ♡
Yeah -- rooting forya SM!!