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indecisive 2021-11-15 22:15:000 ♡
mmmmmmm! so many good choices!
LCFan 2021-11-16 03:16:320 ♡
Lighter Chains Volume 7!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-11-16 05:04:430 ♡
As much as I crave more Allison-/Lighter Chains-themed content, I've been dying of curiosity about some of these other characters of which their content has either been only viewable for Patreon subscribers or has only been developed so far but ultimately mothballed while the admin worked on other SM projects.

If #4 is the issue for gender-swapped Link like I'm suspecting, then I think that's gonna be my top pick, 'cuz I've loved what I've seen of the sketches and the handful of one-off panels ftg. Linkette!

A three-way tie for a very close second would be Wetware, Domestic Demon, and the long-awaited follow-up to the Dark Altar story

Next pick for me would be #1, Star's Human Adventure (Am I warm in guessing that she's the ectoplasmic ghost girl?)

Mistress Melody and Taming Ishkath are tied for the next entry

As for the remaining options, as hungry for more Allison and ...Genie content as I am, I can exercise delayed gratification and wait them out while these other characters' stories get the attention that they deserve
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-11-16 05:12:260 ♡
A dark-horse character not listed here that I've been hoping to see more content from is the secretary girl from "Entry Level Position"

Q&A for the admin:

What's the likelihood that we'll ever see more issues on her, or will that project remain a one-off story never to be developed further?
Cadoc 2021-11-16 15:09:030 ♡
If be up for anything with more full nudity process filled MTF transformations. Extra points if it comes with unwanted pleasure followed by immediate lust and need for a dick inside the new woman that is promptly filled.
Sypheria 2021-11-17 13:51:590 ♡
Can I just answer "yes"? Because all of these sound pretty great, to be honest.
LilRobin 2021-11-18 04:57:090 ♡
Id vote for Lighter Chains. I like the idea of revealing what full blood succubus looks like by having Alice turn into one. Could give her fun traits like wings,tail,exotic skin color.
JR 2022-03-14 17:42:550 ♡
I vote Torrin's Turn, then Lighter Chains v.7
2022-04-08 02:56:170 ♡
Can we vote on Subscribestar also?
Admin 2022-04-08 04:16:560 ♡
Voting is over, the results are here:

Feel free to post your favorites in the comments or ask questions though.