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RustSlut 2019-11-12 00:48:190 ♡
Yanno, this been making me thing bout how I'd (poorly) handle this situation. Like figuring I ain't got no choice with the whole sex slave thing, but really not being comfortable with men out of experience, I guess I'd beg mistress to let me just serve her. Otherwise there'd be a lot of clashing which would be bad. Rough situation to be in, I would not enjoy it as much as Alison does
gnome_man 2019-11-12 05:04:500 ♡
g time, no talk. Looks like fucking Torrin has changed
Alison's hair color. Has his half-demon seed caused some changes inside her like she was thinking?
@gnome man 2019-11-13 00:23:281 ♡
Lighting, style, still wet. Take your pick
TayPixie 2019-11-16 21:54:521 ♡
Haha... and of course they're eating meat on sticks... possible foreshadowing?
BB-Kiwi 2021-03-20 23:59:090 ♡
Would any male put into the same situation as Allison end up the same? Rutslut does make a good observation...
Admin 2021-03-23 03:53:581 ♡
Of course, Alison has ended up where she is because she is relatively well behaved and suited to this role. There is always the hypothetical "heavy chains" scenario for those who would be less cooperative. Should a well connected noble want you for a trophy, or a summoned pure-blood desire your soul for breeding, there are ways to convince you.