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Your Quiet Neighbor: 2019-10-21 18:16:381 ♡
Even though she's been compliat, he's still making her eat the pillow (ignoring, of course, the fact that there's no pillow present for her to eat)!!
Your Quiet Neighbor: 2019-10-21 18:19:551 ♡
Alternatively, I love how you show how much force he applies upon her while throwing her into her face-down-ass-up position and while penetrating her to-the-hilt from behind!!!
2020-07-25 12:00:022 ♡
Even with her full compliance he takes such a commanding grip on her. When he's not holding back she needs to be completely obedient just to breathe. It's the only thing she's permitted to do, that and feel.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2024-06-12 22:21:270 ♡
Q&A @theAdmin:

If my Engagement level membership status allows for it, I'd like to request a "deleted scene" from this S.M. issue wherein we see Torrin fucking an especially girly looking Alison doggie-style (like he is here), but he's got handfuls of her pigtailed hair clutched in his fists, which he yanks back on with every punishing thrust, causing her enormous tits to jiggle comically on her chest