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2019-10-08 02:02:060 ♡
I wonder why her color's blue
2019-10-08 02:08:241 ♡
It's the spermicidal magic, we saw it before when he last came in her.
Your Quiet Nieghbor 2019-10-08 11:11:040 ♡
What's funny about this is that Allison thinks it's over now that Torin's cum inside her not knowing that this is merely the intermission to her current encounter with him -- the best is yet to come (er, cum) in what could be called "the grand finale"!
BMO 2021-01-30 01:49:031 ♡
Allison is bordering on glowing, her post-orgasm high evident. Shading and colors are so well done in these comics