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2017-12-09 22:34:501 ♡
I've been a patron for months waiting for this part and I am not disappointed!
2017-12-23 20:37:231 ♡
I love mistress' burning red eyes
gnome_man 2017-12-24 01:50:531 ♡
I love the sheer adoration that Alison has in Her eyes. It perfectly matches the possessiveness is Mistresses eyes. Lovely.

I hope that Mistress doesn't have other lovers. That would be so crushing for Alison.
2017-12-26 23:17:320 ♡
Alison's legs in the first panel don't make sense to me. Mistress lying down between her legs and is holding the left leg upright and so she would have to have her weight on the right leg (unless Alison had a 20 inch thigh gap). Alison shouldn't be able to keep the right leg upright too.
Admin 2017-12-27 00:18:380 ♡
Yeah, you're right. It's not exactly brilliant in the other panels either. Drawing is hard.
gnome_man 2017-12-27 03:26:520 ♡
Artists often use models, right? It sounds stupid, but there are highly articulated manikins that you can use without hiring somebody. On the other hand, though the picture in question made me wonder as well, the psychology of it is pretty interesting.
Admin 2017-12-27 06:10:330 ♡
I have some 3D models that I use for reference. They keep things generally in proportion and help out with perspective and mirror shots especially, but I often make changes to show the things that I want to show. Here I was mainly concentrating on mistress's pose and the penetration action (naturally) and I didn't go back and do a sanity check on Alison's leg positioning.

I also have a blank figma model, which is way better than any of those wooden artist's models I've seen, but I only have one and the proportions and height are standard. Mistress and Alison have a large height difference and slightly supernatural proportions, which makes the 3D models a better option.
gnome_man 2017-12-29 01:20:510 ♡
I thought that you would. The quality of your work is too good for you to be an amateur. I was particularly impressed with the feelings that Alison was expressing. Her anxiety was delicious in the first part and the total adoration she had in the last part was just plain lovely.

I've seen the wooden models and I doubt that they would be sufficiently flexible for the poses you'd need here. On the other hand, there must be software that could be useful to you.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2023-02-10 13:22:301 ♡
Gosh, I love how (as seen in the middle frame) Allison's pussy betrays how ready it is for the coming intrusion of Valochar's strap-on cock by how wet it already is!!!