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Galahad 2016-10-08 04:03:210 ♡
A spanking looms at Castle Anthrax.
And after that...
2016-10-08 07:55:280 ♡
Oo she has some spirit left in her. Good for her. I doubt most would be able to muster up that kind of courage after having been transformed into a sex slave.
2016-10-08 18:42:050 ♡
This is going to be good >:)

Something tells me that this isn't the first time a slave has tried to bolt on the mistress.

Thanks for releasing these quick Artist-sama!
2016-10-08 18:48:420 ♡
Is that a charge or is she running away, mistress kinda looks like she's either turning or dodging
Raven Heart 2016-10-08 20:12:420 ♡
Alice ran past the Mistress. Which, is as surprising to me as it seems to be for her?
Either way, the way this was set up (both the storyline and the artwork) is master-class!
Thank you, so much!
gnome_man 2016-10-09 07:52:430 ♡
Great outfit. Kind of super-villainy and major scary. I'm betting Allison is trying to circle around and tackle Mistress from behind. She can't go toe-to-toe with somebody that much taller and stronger. If she can keep her nerve, she'll circle around and go for things like the woman's knees or her back. Things that would give her a chance to run for it.

If she can keep her nerve. I'm betting she will. She used to be a soldier, a mercenary, and probably a good one. Getting changed into a hottie super-slut doesn't change that. Not completely. Allison has spent too much time on the battlefield to just fold.

This is gonna be good.
gnome_man 2016-10-09 08:09:440 ♡
Politics isn't my interest, either. You draw some really hot, sexy work, and I wouldn't want you to stop. But Allison is going to go places with her Mistress and I'd like to see what those places are like. You know, maybe Mistress goes to a beauty parlor and Allison gets to service the owner, who happens to be a friend - a different sort of demon, maybe a scaley, snake-ish kind of lady. Stuff like that. If I wanted something less sexy, I wouldn't be here.
2016-10-09 17:32:210 ♡
Three pages in a week? Satin's on a roll!
2016-10-09 23:46:140 ♡
It would be really cool to see another tg or tf
me 2016-10-10 05:49:050 ♡
I'd circle around just to feel the mistress's shiny ass
gahahsk 2016-10-10 21:48:130 ♡
aaaahhhh I can't wait for the next one