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Gender Swap
Story Idea:

"Of course I act the way I do, anyone would in my situation!", Alison justified to herself. What's that? An opportunity to temporarily transform Torrin? Well that'll prove it! (And probably take him down a peg or two, hehe).

What?! How is he handling this so easily?

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BMO 2021-11-05 23:22:341 ♡
Haha Alison pouting is so cute.
mylilfrien 2022-06-01 05:57:501 ♡
hehehe. peg...
Sign @ The X 2022-06-04 11:32:272 ♡
This makes me wonder if Torrin hasn't always been the hyper-exaggerated specimen of masculinity that he -- perhaps he's had a similar journey to the one Allison has experienced and is still experiencing?

Maybe he started out as male -- but as one with the less-pronounced physique that Allison had had in her pre-forced-transition mode. Maybe through the trials of being force-transitioned and subsequently broken and thoroughly bottomed and learning to adopt and even embrace his new submissive female identity, Torrin had to prove himself worthy of regaining male status -- a process most initiates don't have the right stuff to achieve that ultimate goal and one which likely will elude Allison for the remainder of her time in this realm, no matter how much lighter her chains become.